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Success in any event comes down to the details. It could be a fantastic birthday party or a business event that needs to generate results, it’s only by paying attention to the detail that you’ll really be able to impress. Cutlery is one of those items that many people overlook when it comes to event planning. It’s a small detail but one that is handled and seen by every single guest – which is why it’s so important to put some thought into which cutlery style is best suited to your event.

Why does cutlery matter?

There’s no doubt that the wrong cutlery can ruin an aesthetic. Skimping on cutlery choices may give an impression of low quality where you have spent significant resources trying to establish benchmarks. However, it’s not just about the way that cutlery looks or feels that makes it important – it can also have an influence over the way that your guests experience the food at your event. According to research that was carried out by a University of Oxford team, the cutlery we use can heavily influence our perception of how food tastes. Everything, from the weight of the cutlery to the size of the knives and forks and the shape and colour of each individual piece can contribute to the multi-sensory experience that is eating.

Choosing the right cutlery style for your event

Given the impact that cutlery can have on your guests’ dining experience, there is every reason to take the time to choose the right type to ensure that your food is best appreciated. When it comes to the choices available there are a number of different designs that are worth considering, including:

Stylish and sophisticated

If your food is intricate and complex or richly traditional with a lot of wonderful, expensive ingredients then it’s a good idea to choose cutlery that screams stylish and sophisticated. Sets that have intricate detail on the cutlery ends, and are made of weighty, high quality materials are ideal if this is the type of event that you’re hosting. If this sounds like the right kind of cutlery for you then check out the Jesmond range.

Sleek and contemporary

If you’ve taken the time to design an event that is minimal but high quality and focused on modernism over traditional details then make sure your cutlery doesn’t let you down. Fussy cutlery designs don’t work for this type of event – instead you’ll need something sleek, simple and weighty to convey the impression of high quality, contemporary style. If this sounds like the right option then the Manhattan range might be the ideal choice.

Elegant and versatile

Some events require cutlery that will support any theme, creating elegant place settings no matter what the food being served. Simple and only slightly styled cutlery is ideal for this scenario. Take a look at the Linear set if this sounds like it’s perfect for you.

Attention to detail is everything when it comes to events and especially with respect to food – find the right cutlery options for you to ensure that your guests get to enjoy every mouthful.

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