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Weddings… one of the most romantic and memorable days of anyone’s life – but if something goes wrong they can be a day to remember for all the wrong reasons. From the guests, to the dresses and flowers, there is enough to worry about on your big day and the last thing you need to be concerned about is the wedding catering. Although wedding catering is a crucial part of ensuring you have a day to remember, it doesn’t need to be stressful. These are our top tips for ensuring your wedding catering is taken care of.

Book everything well in advance

Wedding season is a busy time for those in the catering equipment hire business and if you want to make sure you get the pieces you need then it’s a good idea to book early. Last minute orders can be tricky, not only in terms of finding exactly the right equipment you’re looking for but also when it comes to arranging the delivery. For your own peace of mind – and so you can concentrate on other things – booking your wedding catering equipment as soon as you can is always advisable.

Plan your wedding to ensure your requirements are covered

Whether you’re a natural organiser or you don’t find lists and plans particularly appealing, it’s essential to work out exactly what you’re going to need in terms of catering equipment for your wedding. You’ll need to start with all the basic information:

  • How many guests are coming
  • What kind of food are you serving? (hot or cold)
  • How many meals are you providing your guests with?
  • Are you having a sit down meal or buffet options?
  • What facilities does the venue provide?
  • What volume of drinks will need to be cooled?

Every wedding is different – the requirements for a festival themed wedding, for example, will be very different to a more formal occasion with a three course silver service meal. You can  break down the planning of the day into different parts to work out the catering equipment requirements for each bit e.g. champagne reception, wedding breakfast, afternoon tea, evening meal, drinks and dancing.

Schedule delivery of your equipment before the event

Although most catering equipment suppliers will be happy to provide delivery on the day, for your own peace of mind it’s often easier to make sure you have the equipment at least 24-hours before the event. It should be possible to work out a deal with the venue whereby your equipment can be stored 24 or 48 hours beforehand so that you know it will be there when you need it.

Keep talking to your catering equipment supplier

It’s always a good idea to keep the lines of communication open in the run up to your wedding. Your needs may change, you may need to find out about returning the items or the supplier may need to make last minute adjustments – as long as you’re in touch regularly then any last minute hitches can be quickly dealt with.

We can provide a range of catering equipment hire to ensure you have the perfect day. Contact us to discuss your wedding requirements.

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