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What is it that makes an event really memorable? There are lots of different elements involved, from the food to the décor and the entertainment that you provide. Event furniture can make a real difference to the atmosphere that you’re able to create – in fact, it can have a big influence on the overall effect that the occasion has on your guests. These are just a few ideas where you can use furniture to add something to your event.

Plush seating

There is nothing that adds an element of luxe to an event quite as much as plush, ultra comfortable seating. Whether you’re providing people with somewhere to relax in between dancing sessions or a lounging area in keeping with a decadent theme, luxurious seating can change the feel of an event. Consider the fabrics that you use, from crushed velvet to silk, and look at your design options, whether you’re opting for oversize bean bags, sofas or a stylish chaise longue.

Serving style

Although not strictly speaking “furniture,” the equipment that you use for serving your food and drink is another simple way to have an impact on the feel of the event. An afternoon tea party, for example, can be considerably enhanced by the use of cake stands and a silver or art deco tea service. If you’re opting for exotic, colourful food then display stands could provide a great way to show it off. Where there is one signature food item, whether that’s a wedding cake or an ice sculpture, ensuring that you have the right pieces to make it a centerpiece can give your event a whole different feel.

Lighting options

If there is one feature of any event that can really change the way it feels it’s the lighting. Harsh, strip lighting, for example, will make it difficult for people to relax whereas soft, flattering lights create a sophisticated and easygoing atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. When you’re planning an event it’s important to look into the lighting – cleverly placed lights can emphasise key details in the décor that you’ve chosen and add to the overall atmosphere. Lighting can also help to emphasise a theme, whether that’s something intimate or glamorous. And lighting can also introduce a luxurious feel – lots of candles or candlelit chandeliers feel like a wonderful indulgence, for example.

The quality of the entrance

First impressions count at any event and you have the opportunity to make a positive first impression with the design that you choose for your event entrance. You might opt for a statement sofa or piece of art, or a red carpet so that guests know that they’re walking into something quite special. From carefully chosen plants to key pieces of furniture that deliver on form and/or function, there are lots of ways to make your event feel unique from the moment your guests arrive.

These are just a few ideas for using furniture to create an effect at an event. If you’d like to discuss options for your event please get in touch.

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