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Aesthetics have a big role to play in creating atmosphere at an event and the way that people move around a space is also important. Table choices are key, both when it comes to ensuring that the space available is being optimised and creating the right look for your event style. So, which type of table is going to be the right option?

Style: a formal dinner
The right table: large and round

Whether it’s a wedding or a professional event, the round table is the ideal style for a more formal event with seated dining. The main reason for this is that it allows guest seating to be organised and places laid up and it also encourages guests to talk to one another.

Those attending a formal event may not all know each other and a rectangular table could limit conversation to only those immediately opposite or on the left or right. A round table, on the other hand, allows everyone to converse and for chatting to happen as a group right round the table.

Style: intimate and informal
The right table: a cocktail table

You don’t need to lay cocktail tables up with cutlery and glassware, or even use tablecloths. These are the tables that people can come and go from, leave an empty martini glass on or rest a glass of champagne while they stop to talk or eat. Cocktail tables tend to be smaller than more formal style tables and are ideal for a reception where most people are standing or where the event is designed to be one where everyone mingles. Set up cocktail tables close to the bar or the dance floor so that people can gather ad hoc.

Style: casual but sizeable
The right table: long and rectangular

Long, rectangular tables are the ideal choice for an event where there are already lots of connections made. So, that might be a school reunion or a birthday party where many of the guests have already met. Rectangular tables are flexible and the length can be determined by the number of guests who need to be accommodated.

They also have the potential for a little aesthetic drama when arranged as long, opulent banqueting style tables. If there are going to be speeches then the advantage of rectangular tables is that none of the guests are likely to have their back to the speaker. People can come and go from rectangular tables, swap places and generally keep it casual.

Choice of chairs will also make a big difference when it comes to event furniture. Whether you choose formal chairs, stylish modern design or a simple bench running alongside a rectangular table, the decision will add to the atmosphere you create and how your guests enjoy it.

We can help you to find the right style tables for your event, as well as any other furniture that you may need to hire. From weddings to christenings and birthday parties, we have all styles and occasions catered for. Get in touch with Co-Ordination Catering today for more information about any of our catering products for hire.

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