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With Christmas and New Year now behind us, it’s time for event planners everywhere to start focusing on the schedule for 2019. The first date for everyone’s diary is February 14th. Valentines Day is an annual tradition for singles and couples alike. If you’re looking for a great event to celebrate it in 2019 then these are some top ideas.

  1. Tasting menus and experiences

Many couples today bond over food and wine – and many singles meet that way too. So, whether you’re looking to organise an event for the already-loved up or one for those seeking it, tasting experiences and menus are a great idea. Focus on traditionally romantic tastes or food and wine known for aphrodisiac qualities. Everything, from a chocolate tasting menu, to a champagne experience provides a great way to create an event with that essential element of romance.

  1. All the bells and whistles

Some people love to go all out for Valentines Day and really surprise their partner. So, an event that combines entertainment, food and decadence provides a great opportunity to attract people looking for romance with all the bells and whistles. You might want to consider multi-course banqueting, complete with luxurious tastes such as oysters, steak and champagne. When it comes to the entertainment it’s hard to beat a cabaret for a truly hedonistic Valentines Day feel.

  1. Film screenings

For couples who love low-key romance but who don’t want to stay at home, a movie screening is ideal for Valentines Day. Create a tactile, romantic atmosphere in the screening room with big, plush beanbags or armchairs, even comfy sofas with lots of cushions. Keep the lights low and romantic before and after the film and create plenty of dark corners for PG canoodling. For a truly luxurious feel offer more than just popcorn when it comes to the snacks. Indulgent brownies, champagne and wine, shareable cheeseboards and pizza are always a good option.

  1. Something for the singles

Love isn’t something exclusively for couples – singles might also be searching for it this Valentines Day. A singles mixer type event is a great option for Valentines Day, as long as the focus is on fun. Create an atmosphere that will put people at ease and encourage them to interact with one another. That means the right type of music and food, entertainment that could potentially be a conversation starter and a space that encourages people to mingle with those around. Avoid themes like “lonely hearts” unless you’re being obviously ironic…

  1. A ball

Everyone loves a glamorous party and a ball – especially a masquerade ball – is exactly that. Pick a theme, such as Venetian Carnival, and encourage your guests to go all out with their costumes. Stage the event in an unusual venue and create plenty of space for dancing, eating, drinking and getting to know the other guests.

The right furniture can make or break your Valentines Day event – if you’re looking to hire perfect pieces, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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