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Whether you’re a serious foodie, or you’re just hoping your Big Day will be one to remember, the wedding breakfast is an important element. It’s also the part of the day with the most moving pieces, which means that a lot can go wrong. Organising your own wedding breakfast is an opportunity to personalise your day – all you need to do is understand how to plan it properly.

Make your wedding breakfast planning a priority

Don’t leave this until the last minute – a wedding breakfast for even a small wedding takes considerable planning. If you don’t have the time then it might be worth working with a wedding organiser so that you know you have this crucial element covered.

Confirm the numbers

The size of the party could have an influence over what you can afford in terms of ingredients. If you have a large wedding then you might want to look at a menu that offers opportunities to economise. Smaller weddings can leave more room in the budget for luxuries or extras. Although there will always be some people who decide right at the last minute, try to confirm most of your guests at least a couple of months in advance.

Hire the equipment

Hired catering equipment will usually be essential, as most venues are likely to be missing at least one key element for getting your menu out on time and in good shape. Work out what equipment you need at an early stage and then find the right provider. This could include everything, from the kitchen equipment that is necessary to make the food through to the glassware, furniture plates, cutlery and wedding linen that you need to serve everything. It’s at this stage that you’ll also need to consider the wedding theme and the colours and styles that are required for the pieces that will be in view of all the guests.

Create a timetable

So that everything runs smoothly on the big day it will be essential to work out what needs to happen, when. It’s often advisable, for example, to have all of your hired catering equipment delivered at least 24 hours before the day so that you have the peace of mind of knowing it’s all there. You’ll also need to consider fresh ingredients (including how to safely store them between delivery and preparation of the food) and when you want to begin laying tables etc.

Decide on your menu

For DIY weddings, many couples simply choose to make their own food or serve easy to prepare items that mean something to the bride and groom (e.g. local cheese or pies). Alternatively, you might be working with a caterer to create the menu for your Big Day. When you’re deciding on the food choices for the day don’t forget the need to cater for vegetarians and anyone with allergies, as well as any children on the guest list.

If you want to have a no stress wedding day then planning is going to be essential. Hire catering equipment to make sure that your wedding breakfast goes off without a hitch.

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