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If you have an empty conference room then you’re basically sitting on wasted space. This is an area that could be used for many different things – it’s often very easy to get stuck on the name and forget that this space doesn’t necessarily have to be dedicated to conference hosting. Any empty space can be put to a wide range of productive and interesting uses.

Charity events

The spectrum of options when it comes to charity events is very broad. From charity bingo to balls and suppers, any space can be converted to host an event that is designed to raise funds for a dedicated cause. This will not only put the space to use but will bring people to it and add an element of philanthropy to your brand.

Capuring the seasonal trade

Particularly towards the end of the year, the demand for space for events shoots up, as businesses seek to find somewhere to celebrate with staff. If you have a conference room available then this is a great time of year to fill it. Different seasonal events may have different requirements but for most, event furniture such as tables and chairs, as well as a PA system and lighting will suffice.

Health and wellness

With the start of a new year many of us are looking to sustain resolutions and there is much more focus on health and wellness than in other months. A conference room can easily be converted into somewhere to host fitness classes or meditation sessions, a relaxation room or yoga space. Whether it’s for your own employees or rented out to others to host their classes in, opening up a conference room to be a health and wellness area is a great use of the space.

Clubs and childcare

With flexible working taking centre stage today at many businesses there is an increasing demand for support for working parents. After school clubs for children and childcare facilities are becoming more popular and spaces that are able to host this type of activity are in demand. The space could be offered to private enterprises or even to the local authority to help increase the range of clubs and childcare facilities on offer.


As well as seasonal fun and charity events, there are plenty of other parties that any conference space can accommodate, depending on the demands of the local demographic. It could host a tea dance for older people, for example, complete with a live band and scones and jam. Alternatively, the space may be ideal for children’s parties or for stag or hen dos. It might even make a great wedding reception venue if you have the right facilities available. With a little imagination any event space can be converted for a party, whether that’s children’s games or grown up fun.

The right furniture and catering equipment is key to making your conference space more versatile. If you’d like to do more with the space you have we can help – contact us to discuss your requirements.

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