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A new school year means new school events to arrange! Now, it might be second nature with some of the events that are on your calendar year on year. In addition, you might also have a raft of new and different events to tick off your register this year, too. But it all comes down to this… From harvest festivals to hoedowns, school events in the ‘20s need to be top of the class to engage and delight your many different stakeholder groups.

School app specialist Digistorm explains that, “A diverse portfolio of events can help to: 

  • Drive interest in your school 
  • Strengthen your school community 
  • Nudge prospective families toward enrolling their children at your school”

They’re right. Whether it’s a cake sale or carol singing, there’s more to arranging school events than meets the eye. Why? Because you need to make an A-grade impression.

But reassuringly, prefect-perfect school events are easier than you think when you’ve got stellar event suppliers on speed dial. They can share many valuable lessons about all the highest quality supplementary equipment, furniture and garniture you need to make an awe-inspiring impact.

Two boys in PE kit running for the line at a school sports day

What Do You Need to Hire for Distinction Worthy School Events?

Let’s start at the more serious end of school events, with occasions such as –

·        PTA meetings
·        Parents Evenings
·        Open Days

These school soirees are when you’re going to want to dust your best China off. But there’s probably just one small catch… Most schools don’t have multiple China tea services in the staffroom cupboard!

Do a head count and then some, to help you decide how many coffee cups and coffee pots you’ll need to keep your VIP stakeholders refreshed. And take it back a step further. Besides crockery, has your canteen has got enough coffee percolators and hot water boilers to keep their cups overflowing?

Some events for the grown-ups call for more than just hot and cold beverages and a plate of biscuits. How about hiring wine glasses, rather than emptying your petty cash tin to buy something that will only get used intermittently?

A mum and female teacher shaking hands at a school open day

Different School Events Mean Different Hire Needs

School events aren’t just about impressing school governors and parents. There’s playground-sized fun to be had with your amazing students, besides their families, at events like –

  • School sports days
  • Christmas concerts
  • Summer fairs

The very thought of these types of school events conjure up mental images of trestle tables and chairs  – lots of them! (You’ve obviously already got chairs and desks on-site. But the furniture that’s used in your classrooms every day might not be fit for purpose when you’re inviting guests to visit.)

And whether you’re selling refreshments or raffle tickets, you’ll need a user-friendly but secure till  to manage cash until you’re able to deposit it at your bank.

A group of school children in party hats with balloons at a Christmas party

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we’ve got our plimsolls to the pump of school event hire. Give us a call or drop us a line if you’re planning events for the year ahead. We’ve been helping school teams for years. So, it’s highly likely that we can give you advice about things you might not have even thought about. 


The ultimate guide to running school events, Digistorm

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