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Have you ever heard of any Halloween party themes that are just too OTT? Neither have we. And we’re not likely to. Why? Because Halloween is your annual opportunity to throw caution to the wild winds. The only limit is your imagination.

So, there’s no shortage of things to think about if you’re carving out time to eat, drink and be scary this year. Now, we won’t ask what possessed you. Instead, we’d rather offer a helpful severed hand for serving up pumpkin to really talk about for your guys and ghouls .

With that in mind, here’s a few simple but spook-tacular Halloween party themes that are guaranteed to make this year’s celebrations a scream!

Man and woman dressed as vampires for Halloween

A Nebulous Nightmare Before Christmas

Envision the graveyard lurching to inhuman life as the clock strikes midnight and the troubled spirits stir.

There’s no trick to this treat! Heinous Halloween party themes don’t get more simple but effective than melancholy monochrome.

Every Jack Skellington and shadowy spectre on your guest list will be bewitched by the heavy woven finish of chalk, pearl grey, pewter, stone or wintery white linen table cloths. Additionally, you can up the unearthliness with coal black napkins that are fang-tastically wrapped to look like vampire bats.

But what if you want to add a splash of colour? Fear not! Preternatural pumpkin napkins are as decorous as they’re dastardly.

Halloween table setting with napkins shaped like pumpkins

A Creeped-Out Witches Coven

Devilishly delightful witches and warlocks have put a spell on Halloween party themes for decades. So, why not think about ebony black furniture to set the spine-tingling theme?

Once you’ve got the frightening fundamentals in place, you can really set about bewitching your family and friends with demonic details. For example, ghoulish green or profane purple glasses introduce terrible tinges  to your fright night tables.

Or, if you’re carousing under the Halloween moon, imagine having your very own witches’ cauldron. There isn’t a more wickedly wonderful way to bring your dangerously delicious fayre to lurid life. 

Purple Halloween themed place settings

Abominable Angels and Depraved Devils

Black is a common thread between all the most wildly popular Halloween party themes. But, there’s another significant and vibrant colour that’s due a mention.  And, better still, it complements bewitching black to profane perfection…

Rose red and gothic black add a dash of spine-chilling style. So, deck out your tables in a killer combination of blood red and sombre black cloths, runners and napkins.

In addition, why not bejewel your bar with an enchanting amalgam of ruby red and onyx black goblets to make Hallow’s Eve a bit more magical?

Table setting for Halloween themed events, with napkins shaped as pumpkins

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we don’t deal in tricks. But we’ve got plenty of treats under our witches’ hat. Our comprehensive range of furniture and catering equipment hire has everything you need for getting in to the spooky spirit, no matter what Halloween party themes you’re thinking about this year.

So, don’t delay. Get in touch and tell us what you need for this Halloween’s hooley? Trust us. It will be a much less terrifying prospect with us at hand. In fact, you might just make it through till dawn in one piece.

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