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Turning 21 is a big moment in anyone’s life – it’s certainly something to celebrate. For most people, a 21st party needs to be fun and memorable, and preferably one of the events of the year. If you’re looking for inspiration for this kind of event, these are some of our top ideas for a 21st party.

A sports event

Whether the birthday is being organised for a football fanatic or someone who loves to run marathons, a sports event can be a great opportunity to make a 21st birthday memorable. You could book tickets for a match featuring favourite teams – with a meet and greet after the event – or create a party around the theme of a national sporting moment, such as The Grand National or The London Marathon.

A pamper day

Everyone loves being pampered so a spa type 21st party is always a hit. Lots of well established spas offer celebration packages, complete with extra treatments and free birthday fizz. You can also create a spa environment at home with a mobile therapist, white fluffy robes and some fancy canapés.

An extreme experience

Book an activity that most people will only do once in their life to make a 21st party a truly memorable day. Something like skydiving, for example, will be an unforgettable experience and one that will make turning 21 a moment to remember. There are plenty of different options to choose from here, from driving a Formula 1 car to bungee jumping.

Incorporate a theme

The themed party is always a good idea, especially if all your guests really get on board with the idea that you’ve chosen. Opt for something currently trending if you want to make the party all about pop culture or choose a theme that really means something to the person turning 21. Themes can also be really simple – such as a colour theme – as well as related to favourite books, films or music.

Book a photo shoot

Given the omni present nature of social media, documenting turning 21 with some great images is probably going to be part of the process. You can tap into this with a party based around a photo shoot. Book a professional session with a photographer in a studio and include as many people as you want to take part. The end result will be a fun experience and a set of photos that are instantly Instagram-ready.

The surprise party

Particularly if you’re planning a party for someone who isn’t that keen to get involved in any organisation, a surprise party can be a great idea. The key is to ensure that the person turning 21 has no idea about what’s coming. Get all the guests to keep quiet in the run up to the event and simply pretend that you haven’t organised anything. Then, when the day arrives, choose a location where everyone can jump out and create the necessary surprise.

Find all you need for a memorable 21st birthday party here or give our team a call today on 01293 553040.

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