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No matter what the birthday, if you’re planning a party for a someone in your life there is plenty that you can do to make it special. Whether you’re dealing with someone who is shy about birthdays or an extrovert who loves to be the centre of attention, planning the perfect event is easy to do when you have the right inspiration.

Start with the cake

With any party, you need to get the cake right. That may mean catering to someone with a seriously sweet tooth by providing tastes that will tantalise. Or it could be a centrepiece cake of incredible aesthetics that will be the envy of all the guests. Either way don’t leave the cake until the last minute.

Pick a theme

Having a theme can make a birthday feel like a real event, especially if you get all the guests on board with it too. Themes can be chosen from anything that you know will appeal to the birthday boy/girl, including:

  • A colour theme, such as all things green, black and white or hot pink
  • Festivals – ideal for summer and if you know the guests are partial to a flower crown or craft beer
  • Vintage – an especially good idea if you’re opting to cater the party as an afternoon tea with cake stands and vintage cups
  • A mystery event – for example, the murder mystery game Cluedo brought to life where all the guests have to work out who the killer is
  • Back to school – depending on the birthday, a back to school theme can be a lot of fun and sometimes feel a little like a reunion
  • Sports – if your guest of honour is big into their football or rugby, a sports themed birthday party will be the perfect choice
  • History – from the total decadence of the 1920s to the corsets and gowns of the Elizabethan era there are plenty of historical decades to choose from and all can provide inspiration to make a party memorable

Make sure you have activities

Plan your party around a dance floor or a karaoke session if you want to get everyone up on their feet and taking part. Other ideal birthday activities for any great party could include board games, physical games (e.g. races or a tug of war), pampering activities (such as pedicures and massages) or even hiking, swimming or fishing for the truly outdoorsy types.

It’s the little touches that count

When you’re planning a birthday party the best way to impress is often in the detail so don’t forget the little touches for your event, including:

  • Personalised invitations
  • Food and drink that fits with the theme
  • Decorations that contribute to the atmosphere
  • Any event catering equipment you might need
  • Something for guests to take away at the end of the night
  • Event furniture that makes everyone comfortable and looks great
  • A celebration moment (e.g. releasing lanterns or letting off fireworks)

Planning a great party doesn’t have to be time consuming – once you’re inspired then you’ll find it very easy to do. We can supply a range of event furniture and catering equipment to ensure that the party is truly memorable.

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