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Whether you’re planning your own event, or organising a party for a man in your life, it can be difficult to come up with an idea that is really unique. Some people are just difficult to plan for and you may be struggling with inspiration. No matter what birthday it is that you’re looking to celebrate, these party ideas provide some great motivation for making the most of the big day.

Indulge a serious foodie

If the man you’re planning the party for is a food blogger, or has a taste for the finer things in life, there are many ways that you can use this when looking for birthday ideas. Birthday cupcakes in unusual flavours, such as maple and bacon or chocolate and whisky bring a masculine edge to a tasting experience. A slow roast BBQ for the meat eaters or a plant based feast for a vegan can make the celebration all about something that the person you’re planning for really loves.

Have fun with the cake

Men don’t generally tend to value pretty, perfectly iced cakes so this is a centrepiece that you can have some real fun with. From cakes that are iced with a favourite line from a film or book to those that joke about age or lost youth there is a lot of fun to be had. Plus you can always go cake-less if it’s not really a necessary addition to the party. Instead, why not opt for truckles of cheese or layers of cans of a favourite beer all tied up in bows.

Pick a simple theme

Whether it’s a surprise birthday party or not, a simple theme is always easier to pull off and get right. Sporting themes work well for this type of party, with sports fixtures to watch, themed decorations and all the fun of the stadium with competitive activities and snacks such as half time pies or hot dogs. You could opt for something as simple as “beer” as a theme, incorporating cans of beer everywhere, from table centrepieces to cupcake holders. Whatever theme you choose make sure it’s consistent and likely to make the event memorable.

Go all out on the details

It’s often the small touches that make any birthday party memorable as it’s these that demonstrate how well you know someone. A cigar bar, for example, might be a real luxury for someone who never really gets to enjoy this and considers it a treat. Alternatively, you might want to create personalised party favours or individual decorations that are specifically designed with the characteristics of the Birthday Boy in mind.

Humour is always a winner

Birthdays can feel like a pretty big deal, especially as we get older. Designing a party around a fun and irreverent approach to the occasion can help to take the pressure off someone who is feeling self-conscious about getting another year older. From “40 sucks” centrepieces to a hilarious cake, there is plenty you can do to make it funny.

If you’re looking to plan a birthday party we can help to ensure you have the event furniture and equipment you need to make it perfect.

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