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If you want your wedding to be memorable then a theme is a great way to ensure that it is. Themes not only make nuptials distinctive but can also give you the opportunity to really express who you are as a couple – and, of course, the guests will have a great time too. So, how do you plan a themed wedding that really works?

Pick a theme

There are so many different options today when it comes to themed weddings – the only limits are your imagination. A number of themes currently trending, include:

The Great Gatsby

Art Deco elegance and a great big dash of decadence are at the heart of a Great Gatsby themed wedding. If you’re looking for luxury for your big day then this could be a great choice.

Pop culture referencing

From The Walking Dead to Game of Thrones or the latest Avengers movie, there are lots of current pop culture references that have inspired the themes for the most unique weddings. If there is a film, book or moment that has really had an impact on your life why not theme your wedding day around it?

Fairy tales

It doesn’t have to be the classic Cinderella, there are lots of great childhood fairytales that could inspire a wedding theme, from the gorgeous to the gothic. And, of course, this opens the door to some fantastic fantasy-themed outfits too.

Sporting triumphs

If you’re both huge fans of a sport – perhaps you met in the stands – then why not have a wedding that reflects that. There are lots of ways to weave a sports theme into your wedding day, from trophies on every table to pies and gravy half way through the event.


Perhaps you’re the couple that loves to travel together – or maybe there are lots of places you have yet to visit. If travel and the world inspire you this can be a great theme for a wedding, from using destinations as table names to decorations that are exotic and exciting.

Planning a themed wedding

Once you’ve chosen the theme for your wedding these are our top tips to ensure that everything goes to plan:

Tell your guests

Especially if you want them to join in, dress up or theme the gifts they bring, it’s essential to let people know what the plan is.

Don’t go over the top

You can have a great themed wedding without spending a fortune – pick the right theme and it will be simple to pull off even if your time and money is limited.

Attention to detail makes a great themed wedding

It’s often the small things that will make your theme work, from the invites to the names of the drinks you serve.

Be creative

There are no real limits with a themed wedding – a colour, a fashion style, a decade in history you love, a book or a quote, it’s really up to you.

If you’re planning a themed wedding for your big day we can help you find the ideal event furniture to bring it to life. Contact us to find out more.


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