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Corporate events come in many different styles today, from those that are more formal and work focused, to occasions that are purely for networking and socialising. Each different type of event can help your business to achieve different goals so the one that you opt for is an important choice. If you’re looking for inspiration then here are some ideas.

Launch events

Why? To generate a buzz for something new, whether that’s a new product or service or a new line that the business is releasing.

Goal. Launch events are great for creating hype, for communicating key information and for attracting the attention of the media.

Conferences and seminars

Why? The fairly formal – but relaxed – environment of a seminar or a conference is the ideal forum for conveying information to a specifically selected audience.

Goal. There may be multiple objectives for holding conferences and seminars, from lead generation and networking to promoting the profile of the business and attracting expertise.

Client events

Why? These are also known as “appreciation” events and are often the most fun corporate events to plan and hold. They provide an opportunity for guests to get to know each other outside of a traditional office environment, to strengthen bonds and networks. Events of this type include Christmas parties, sporting fixtures, hospitality at festivals and dining events.

Goal. Client events help to cement client loyalty and ensure that professional relationships have longevity because they are built on more than just work interaction.

Team building

Why? Employee engagement and morale is incredibly important to any business and team building events can have a big role to play in reinforcing loyalty to the business so that your workforce will go the extra mile. The opportunities for effective team building events are endless – only really limited by your creativity. Often the most effective are those that involve physical activity and problem solving as part of a team.

Goal. To give employees the opportunity to get to know each other better, to discover new individual strengths and abilities and to encourage everyone to start to work better together as a team.

Business milestones

Why? Part of keeping a workforce motivated is stopping to appreciate the moments of achievement. Events that celebrate milestones could be anything, from the opening of a new office to achieving a specific level of expansion or growth.

Goal. To help promote positive business culture and support employee loyalty. Celebrating business milestones can also attract positive attention in terms of reputation.

Sporting competitions

Why? Taking part in sporting competitions can help to break down barriers and form bonds, whether it’s with clients, colleagues or others in the same industry. Golf is one of the most traditional choices but other options include tennis or squash.

Goal. To encourage a less formal setting for business chat in which new opportunities can be explored.

Holding a corporate event is a great way to strengthen your business. If you’re looking to hire furniture for any event, whatever type it is, we can help.

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