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Corporate events are an opportunity for any business to give something back to the workforce that is supporting it. There are options for every type of company, across any industry, and you can do something much more creative than just putting some cash behind the bar on a Friday night. Employee loyalty and engagement can be crucial to business growth – great corporate events can help you to nurture these.

A bingo night

It’s a retro way to have some fun and allow people to relax without having to focus entirely on making conversation. Bingo is also currently experiencing a hipster moment so a great option if you’re looking for a corporate event that will make your business a little bit cool.

Escape games

Currently much in demand, escape games pit your wits against a scenario in which your team can’t get out of a situation unless they work together to solve a problem. Great for team building and also for fun.

A food challenge

After the success of TV shows like Man vs. Food the eating challenge has become wildly popular. Either find a local restaurant that has its own or stage a food challenge event as the basis for a food themed party.


Now that the weather is warming up, eating outside has become do-able once again and this can make for a wonderfully memorable setting for your next party. Some of the best team picnics involve inviting family and friends, everyone bringing their own home made food and some casual sporting matches. Alternatively, you could opt for a luxe, catered picnic with plenty of Pimms and champagne.

Cabaret or burlesque

Head to a local cabaret club or invite performers to your party venue to put on a show. Just make sure you vet the content beforehand to make sure it’s an acceptable level of risqué.

A party themed on popular culture

Right now, a Game of Thrones themed party is virtually guaranteed to capture the imaginations of your staff, especially the Millennial’s. However, you can choose any piece of pop culture that feels interesting to give your next corporate event a bit more relevance, from Brexit to Baby Sussex.

Outdoor cinema

Show a classic film on a summer night with plenty of snacks – and space for people to have a chat afterwards.

Volunteering events and fundraisers

Social responsibility is a big theme today and many employees are keen for the businesses they work for to demonstrate more commitment to this. Integrating it into your next party, either by making it a fundraising event or including volunteering activities, is a great way to do it.

Sporting challenges and activities

From designing your next party around a sports match, to including activities such as zorbing, paintballing, kayaking or orienteering, if you want to make the event all about the challenges there are lots of ways to do this.

These are just a few ideas that will give your next corporate event some personality and make it much more memorable. We can support whatever you’re planning with event furniture and catering equipment for the occasion.

Get in touch with Co-Ordination Event Hire today for all your event hire needs and catering equipment for hire.

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