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William Cullen Bryant said “Autumn… the year’s last, loveliest smile” and nature really is at its best at this time of year. From the changing colours of the leaves, to crisp sunny days and the nostalgia that the season creates, there are many great reasons to have a party in the autumn months. Given the relevance of nature to the way we appreciate this special time, a rustic theme is ideal for your venue. So, how can you create the perfect rustic aesthetic to ensure that your autumn party is one that everyone will be talking about well into next year?

Plenty of wooden furniture

In many ways autumn is all about wood because the trees are such a focus of attention at this time of year. Wooden furniture is also the ultimate way to channel a rustic theme, especially if it is simple and not too polished. You might want to look at rough hewn wooden tables in longer lengths with matching benches for people to sit on. Wooden chairs look just as good if you want to give your guests the comfort of a cushion too. Wooden furniture presents plenty of opportunity for quirkiness, from tables made of wooden planks and barrels through to seating on tree stumps.

A fire pit

BBQs are for summer but smokers and fire pits are much more specific to this time of year. Smokiness is one of the scents of autumn and often associated with the countryside so a fire pit could be a great way to create a rustic atmosphere. Plus, the opportunities for catering are considerably expanded, from fish through to corn on the cob and S’mores with hot chocolate. If you’re planning for your event to extend into the night, a fire pit can also provide light and warmth once the sun has gone down.

Place settings and glassware

There are different ways to approach tableware for a rustic themed event. You might want to opt for simple glasses – or even mugs – and pottery plates and dishes with earthy coloured linen. Or you could contrast the rougher wooden furniture with delicate place settings, pale linen and very elegant glassware. Either way, there are opportunities to create atmosphere and occasion from the place settings and glassware that you choose. Don’t forget lighting for your tables too – candles or fairy lights are often much more atmospheric than harsh electric lights in a rustic setting.

The extras

From hessian runners through to old industrial wooden barrels filled with ice to keep the drinks cold, there are lots of additional extras that can really bring a rustic venue to life. It’s often the little details that guests remember most so take the time to find pieces that represent your theme.

Hiring event supplies can make life much simpler, especially if you have a very specific theme in mind, such as a rustic aesthetic. You’ll have access to a wide selection of different ranges and be able to get advice on what options would resonate best with your chosen style.

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