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Corporate events can sometimes feel like more of an endurance test than a memorable experience. Awkward settings, a lack of structure or uninspiring catering can all play a part in a rather average event. If you want to ensure that your next corporate event is impactful and effective then it’s worth focusing on making it fun.

Encourage audience participation

Particularly if the event is something like a training session, many participants may not be expecting to be that engaged. Getting everyone to take part, whether that’s by setting tasks and activities or encouraging everyone to ask questions, will increase levels of engagement by upping the enjoyment factor.

Competitions and contests

A little friendly competition can disperse any awkwardness and bring a sense of adventure and achievement to any event. From a pub quiz style contest at the annual party to games that make networking more effective, adding a little competition is an easy way to increase the levels of fun.

Use technology

Integrating technology into your event will enable you to move away from more traditional, restrictive structures and use methods, such as gamification and apps, to bring a new level of engagement and fun. Social media, chat bots and giving event attendees a way to ask direct questions via their phones are just a few ways to expand the experience into something more immersive.

Add an element of networking

Your event may not be a straightforward networking opportunity but adding this element can instantly increase the effectiveness of the experience for everyone who attends. For example, a training event can become a fun part of an attendee’s day if it has an element of networking that gives people the opportunity to connect. It can also make whatever message you’re looking to get across more effective, as people are more likely to take it on board if they are open and engaged.

Switch up the setting

Corporate events can often seem to blend into one another when they all have the same, or similar, settings. That could be training rooms that all look the same or dinners where the menu is virtually identical to every other corporate event out there. If you want to be distinctive, choose event furniture that will be memorable and indicate that this isn’t the average, run of the mill corporate moment. Invest in a menu that is exciting and inspiring, engaging participants’ tastebuds and minds.

Just add more fun stuff

No matter how formal the event there is always an opportunity to include an element of fun. That could be something as simple as letting attendees choose their own freebies at a conference or customise food or drink options in an unusual way. It could be booking circus or cabaret performers for a big party or adding experiential moments into formal break times. The right type of fun is always appropriate and always has something to add.

If you’re looking to make your corporate event more fun and memorable, attention to detail is important. From catering hire equipment to event furniture, there are many different elements that can help – contact us to discuss your requirements.

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