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Festivals are a great place to make memories that will last a lifetime. That’s why they are often used as the theme for other events, such as weddings or birthday parties. A festival-themed event is a fun way to recapture some of the magic of a wonderful summer and to share a special moment in a memorable way. Catering hire equipment will make your event much easier to manage and ensure that you’re able to give your guests a festival moment to remember – so what might you need?

Pop-up dining

Pop-up restaurants are a serious trend in both the food and festival worlds. If you want to tap into this trend for your event then hiring catering equipment can make it easy. No matter what the kind of cuisine you’re looking to serve everything, from the equipment to the utensils that are required to create those perfect pop-up dishes, can all be hired.

BBQs and roasting

BBQs are another tradition at festivals and a great way to celebrate the tastes of summer. You can hire a range of catering equipment to make a BBQ happen, including a charcoal BBQ, cooking and serving equipment, as well as everything you’ll need for the food preparation. Whether you’re going for something like a traditional hog roast or plant butchery burgers, it’s easy and cost effective to hire equipment like this for your event.

Cold storage

Nobody wants a case of “festival tummy” after your event so it’s important to ensure that you have enough cold storage for food and ingredients, especially if the weather is warm. From fridges to refrigerated trailers, there are lots of cold storage options, no matter how large the volume of food involved or how delicate the ingredients you’re dealing with.

Catering to thirsty revelers

Just like a great festival, your event will always be more popular if you have plenty of cold drinks for everyone, whether that’s ice cold smoothies, beers or champagne. Fridges and cold storage are an essential piece of catering hire equipment to consider if you want to be sure that you have what you need to refresh thirsty guests throughout the event.

The VIP festival experience

Muddy tents and bad burgers are a frequent experience at festivals but for the lucky ones there is also the VIP area. If you’re looking to create a purely VIP experience for your festival themed event then there is plenty of catering hire equipment available to help you do it. From elegant glassware and serving equipment through to super comfortable chairs, tables and lounging options, you can create the ultimate luxe backstage atmosphere for your event – one that all the guests will be lucky enough to enjoy this time.

We offer a range of catering equipment for hire and can help you to find the right range to ensure that your event is a roaring success. Contact our team for help in making your event thoroughly memorable.

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