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If you have a special event on the horizon then the planning is going to be crucial. Getting organised in advance means that you’ll be prepared for every eventuality on the day and able to ensure that the event is memorable and successful. When preparing for a special event with organised catering there are a number of different elements to consider.

Start with the basics

The key question to begin with will be how many people you’re catering for and where you’re going to hold the event. Numbers will have a big impact on budgets so it’s important to try to confirm these as early as you can. The location of the event is also important – if it’s outside, for example, you may need to consider specific catering equipment, such as portable fridges, as well as ways to weatherproof your event.

What facilities will you have to work with?

If you’re planning an event in the middle of a field then you’re basically starting from scratch. However, for most other locations you’ll usually have basic amenities and equipment that you can supplement with other items. You’ll need to consider:

  • Fridges and freezers. How much space will you have for chilling and cooling?
  • Cookers and hobs. Will the cooking facilities provided be sufficient for the numbers you’re catering for?
  • Prep space. Think about the type of catering that you’re going to have for the event and how much room that is likely to require for preparation. Canapés can be especially space consuming.

Hiring catering equipment

If your chosen event venue doesn’t provide quite what you need in terms of the equipment and supplies to handle all your catering you can hire additional items. You’ll need to ensure that you have crockery and glassware in sufficient numbers for all your guests, as well as linen for the tables. It’s often a good idea to look for a catering hire equipment company that allows items to be returned dirty, especially if you’re going to be pushed for space when it comes to the washing up. Don’t forget to factor in serving dishes, pots and pans – if you can, sit down and talk to your catering equipment hire supplier well in advance of the event and get some advice on the right volumes for your guest numbers.

Create a timeline

If you’ve got a list of all the tasks that need to be done before the event gets under way it can also be useful to add timings to that list. Assign days to tasks, such as ordering the food or taking delivery of the linen, so you have a clear idea of what needs to happen, when.

Make sure you have enough of everything

If you’re catering the event yourself then it’s crucial to ensure that no one is going to end up going hungry. Where budgets are tight it’s simple to bulk up menus with cheaper items such as bread and potatoes. For catered events, have an in-depth consultation with your caterer once you have numbers and a venue. Make sure you have all the costs up front for the size of event that you’re planning.

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