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Organising an event can be incredibly satisfying – and there are many benefits if you get it right. However, that pressure to ensure that the event is seamless and enjoyable can also create a lot of stress. As event equipment has such a significant role to play in the overall outcome it can spell disaster if there is an issue with it. That’s why it’s often simpler to hire, rather than buy, event equipment.

Let someone else take care of this one thing

If you’re organising an event you probably have a “to do” list that you can’t even see the end of at the moment. Hiring event furniture, rather than buying it in, means that you’ll have everything you need for the day but you won’t have to be responsible for it. If you work with an event furniture hire company they will be the ones who ensure that the furniture is in the right place at the right time and in the right quantity – that’s one less thing for the event organiser to have to manage.

You’ll get the quality and quantity that you need

One of the major benefits of hiring equipment, rather than buying it, is that you can specify the exact quantity. If you’re working with your own equipment you may be limited by previous purchasing decisions and then have to make do with non-matching furniture or tableware. You’ll also be able to guarantee consistent quality across the board when hiring in equipment for your event. If there is one item that doesn’t meet this standard then the partner you’re working with can replace it.

After the event, the equipment is returned

If you don’t have room on the premises, bought event equipment may require hired storage space in which to keep it. This can be expensive and also means that any transport after the event falls to you to organise. If you’ve hired event equipment then, once the event finishes, this is returned to the hire partner you’re working with. You don’t need to manage the ongoing responsibility of how to store the equipment or keep it in good condition.

More choice

If you buy event equipment then you are limited to using the same equipment every time, whether that works with the theme you’ve chosen for the event or not. When you’re renting event equipment you have much more choice. You can pick and choose what you need for a specific event.

For example, one event may require linen, glassware, tableware and cutlery hire whereas a larger and more involved event may also mean you need fridges, bar hire and gas or electrical equipment. If you’re working with an event equipment hire company then, even if the specification changes every time, it can always be met.

There are many benefits to opting to hire your event equipment, rather than buying – these are just a few. To find out more, get in touch with Co-Ordination Catering today on 01293 553040.

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