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Where great events are concerned, it’s all in the detail. From the right glasses to beautifully laid place settings, tableware has a significant role to play in getting that detail right. From classic pieces to budget friendly options and tableware that is being driven by trends such as bowl food, there are many different choices and influences – but which tableware is best suited to your upcoming event?

Timeless, classic options can be a great choice

Plain white crockery, for example, is rarely out of place and will work for the large majority of events, whatever the occasion or theme. One of the advantages of choosing plain white crockery is that it provides a great backdrop to a dramatic table setting or stunning glassware and won’t draw too much attention away from showcase pieces. Plain white crockery also creates a fantastic canvas for the food and will show off to perfection everything, from sticky toffee pudding to haute cuisine.

Glassware is a great way to add some personality to your tables

There are lots of factors to bear in mind when choosing glassware, including how durable you need it to be and what the costs of replacement will be if there is damage. Cheaper glassware tends to be more resilient and less delicate, with a thicker, shorter stem and a more practical design. Generally, the more expensive the glassware the longer the stem – the right piece to choose will depend on the event and the theme. Glassware presents lots of options for differentiating an event, from using vintage glass to coloured glassware pieces.

Tableware will contribute to the general atmosphere

Tables take up space at an event, and tend to draw the eye, so the way that they are dressed will contribute significantly to the overall atmosphere. At a very theatrical or opulent event, for example, plain crockery and glasses might look out of place. Tableware provides an opportunity to help contribute to the overall atmosphere of the event, to build on a theme and to create a unique experience for the guests.

Cutlery comes in a range of styles

A knife and fork is not just a knife and fork – cutlery is available for your event in many different styles and it’s worth choosing a design that works with your event aesthetics. Sleek, simple, modernist design is ideal for contemporary aesthetics while more intricately patterned pieces will support a more boutique or traditional event.

The right volume will be crucial

If your event is super casual then you may only need a single set of cutlery, crockery and a wine and a water glass. However, a more intricate affair may mean several sets of cutlery per person, crockery including dining plate, side plate, starter and pudding dishes, as well as glasses for champagne, red and white wine and water.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to event tableware. If you’re looking for guidance or inspiration then we can help – contact us to find out what kind of tableware options we offer.


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