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No matter what type of function you’re catering, organisation is going to be the key to ensuring its success. An essential element of organising the event, whether it’s a wedding, a family party or a work dinner, will be ensuring that you have the right type and volume of catering equipment. It’s very easy to overlook equipment that you may not use at home, or that simply gets forgotten in the rush of pulling the event together. However, it’s the smallest details that can make the difference – ensuring that you have all the catering equipment you need to hire for your event will be vital to success.

Coffee and drinks

Most events require a coffee and beverage station, as we are great consumers of caffeine, whether we’re working or celebrating. So, you’ll need to ensure your event has a coffee and drinks station with all the right equipment. As well as a coffee machine and mugs/glasses/cups you may also want to hire equipment to provide other hot drinks – such as tea – as well as cold drinks and ice. Remember to have plenty of waste baskets too so that people know what to do with tea bags or empty sugar packets and these don’t end up on the floor.

Hiring table settings for your event

There are many advantages to hiring table settings for an event, from ensuring that you have the right volume to being able to create beautiful aesthetics. The minimum table setting will be cutlery and plates – potentially, a main plate, side plate and a plate or bowl for dessert. You may need to vary your table settings depending on the menu, for example, incorporating soup bowls and spoons if that’s your chosen starter. In addition, you may also need to hire:

  • Tablecloths and napkins
  • Centrepieces for the tables
  • Glassware for water and alcohol
  • Table coffee or tea cups and saucers
  • On-table serving utensils
  • Place settings
  • Salt and pepper
  • Condiment bowls or dishes

Tools for serving

Depending on the style of the event, hiring tools for serving may be key too. This could be bowls and platters, for example, or jugs and dishes. How are you going to get the food to the guests? Hiring trays or trolleys may also be advisable depending on the venue and how you want the food and drink to be served.

The essentials of a buffet

Many event organisers today opt for a buffet as the simplest way to deliver a great meal to guests. Buffet catering equipment hire usually involves much larger pieces of serving equipment and, if you’re serving hot food, containers that will keep the food hot, as well as the fuel cells that charge them. Buffet catering equipment hire may also include large spoons and tongs for serving, as well as cutting and boards for items such as bread or cold meat.

There’s a lot to think about when you’re catering an event but ensuring that you hire the right catering equipment will help to take the pressure off.  Get in touch with our expert events team at Co-Ordination Event Hire today on 01293 553040.

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