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The right catering supplies hire partner can make life a lot easier. Not only will you know that you can rely on that company to deliver on time, but you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the supplies you need will be available. If you’re not sure how to find the right company for hiring catering supplies for an event – whether that’s a wedding, an office party or a conference – then these are some of the key things to bear in mind.

Define exactly what you need from the hire

Every event is different – the catering supplies you’d need for an energetic 18th birthday might be very different to those that would be necessary for a formal corporate function. From glassware and cutlery, to ovens and BBQs there is a very wide range of choice when it comes to catering supplies and you need to know exactly what you’re looking for before you start reaching out to companies for quotes.

Look at the history and credentials of the team

An inexperienced hire company may be able to give you an incredible discount but that lack of experience could end up costing you a lot in terms of mistakes at the event itself. Experienced hire teams understand the logistics, negotiation and delivery involved in hired catering supplies and you’re much more likely to have a seamless experience if you work with a business that has some years on the clock. So, when you’re searching for a company from which to hire your catering supplies look at their past history, the experience of the team and what others say about them online.

Make sure the hire business can give you want you need

It’s really important to check that the company you’re going to hire from has the right catering supplies and in the right numbers before you sign anything. You’ll need to be able to provide information on location and guests to get a good idea of the catering supplies involved. Then go through each one individually and check that the hire company already has what they need to meet your requirements. If they don’t then it’s better to find another supplier that is more extensively equipped.

Don’t be afraid to check the quality

Poor quality catering supplies could affect the outcome of your event in many ways, from the taste of the food to whether it is ready on time. So, quality checking the supplies you’re about to hire makes a lot of sense. Don’t be afraid to ask to do this, as most good quality hire companies won’t hesitate to make it happen.

Choose to work with the professionals

You might consider hiring a professional event planner – or you could go it alone. Whatever option you choose make sure that the hire company you’re partnering with is professional and experienced. Get recommendations from event planners or look at the performances of hire companies your business has used in the past. Professionals will be punctual, reliable, cost effective and worth the money.

We can provide catering supplies for any event – contact us to discuss your requirements.

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