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Catering equipment hire is as fundamental to an event as the people who attend or the entertainment you have. A reliable, professional service will help to take the pressure off on the day and also to ensure that you can deliver the event that you have planned for. Finding the right catering hire equipment company can be a challenge but there are some great businesses out there once you know what to look for.

What do others think about them?

Word of mouth recommendations are incredibly useful when you’re looking for a catering hire equipment partner. Asking for references and browsing online reviews can also provide a lot of insight into what the business is like to work with and how they have performed in the past.

Do some research on the hire business

Have they worked on an event like yours in the past, how much experience do they have in general and what kind of team will you be dealing with? All of this information can help you to form a better picture of the business you’re potentially going to be involved with.

Try to inspect the equipment

It’s always a good idea to go and assess the catering hire equipment that you’re planning to use to make sure that it’s the right type and quality for your event. It will be telling if the equipment has not been well maintained and looked after or if some of it is missing.

Do they offer a guarantee?

A guarantee will come in useful in the event that some, or all, of what you’re looking to hire isn’t available on the day – or is damaged or unusable. Many catering hire equipment businesses offer guarantees and these can be helpful for your own piece of mind, as well as covering the costs of rectifying any problems that do arise.

Look at the quality of the team

In particular, it’s a good idea to look for people within the business who clearly have a lot of experience when it comes to hiring catering equipment. It’s not only reassuring to work with an experienced team but you’re also much more likely to get the results that you’re looking for.

Make sure your quote is transparent

Hidden costs can quickly escalate spending when it comes to catering equipment hire. So, when you get the quote through from the company you’re considering working with you need to make sure that there are no hidden costs or fees. It may be a sign of a business to avoid if the quote you get is very low and then, on further enquiry, it turns out that there are lots of additional costs that you’ll have to pay after the event.

Finding the right hire company from which to source your catering equipment is worth putting some time and effort into. The right partner will help to ensure that your event is successful and your budget stays on track. Get in touch with Co-Ordination Event Hire today on 01293 553040 to discuss your requirements.

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