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Looking to make a spookalicious splash with your Halloween party? Of course you are! That’s why it’s a ghoulishly great idea to go for terrifying tableware hire instead of wasting money on poor quality mass market bits and pieces.

There’s no shortage of impishly inspiring tableware ideas to send shivers down your spine.

It’s no wonder when you think about how Halloween celebrations are continuing to grow and grow in preternatural popularity every year.

According to market data giant Statista:-

“Following America’s lead, Halloween has gained massive popularity in the United Kingdom (UK) in recent years, turning into one of the country’s biggest cultural and commercial events. The prevalence of Halloween traditions…have led to large amounts of consumer spending.

“…since 2013, UK consumer spending for Halloween products has doubled. In 2019, spending sat at a comfortable 474 million British pounds.”

That’s a macabre amount of money to waste on a Halloween hoorah that sinks like a swamp zombie.

For revolting revelry of any size, what you don’t want are unimpressive dinner or buffet tables that leaves your guests cold… as cold as the grave.

So, get your thinking witch’s hat on and decide on your key theme. Then draw up a list of the tableware hire items you’ll need to create an effect that’s as strangely subtle or as fiendishly full-on as you want.

Ghoulish Glassware

A bone-chilling brew will taste (and look) better on Halloween in a smoky effect glass.

And abominable amber stemmed wine glasses are a great option to tie in with the colour scheme if you’re going down the pumpkin route.

Leading tableware hire specialists have glassware selections you can get really creative with. Your drinks will look eerier still if you mix and match the colour of your putrid potion with the shifty shade of your glasses.

Black bat napkin from Halloween tableware hire range

Lurid Linen

The linen you choose for your Halloween table can ramp the noxiousness up a notch.

An open weave, like the Urbane range, is more textured and tactile that a traditional weave. It slithers in perfectly with a more rustic or shabby chic theme.

Go back to black to create bat napkins – perculiarly perfect if you’re having a vampire themed party.

And don’t forget the ever-popular pumpkin. Jack ’o’ Lantern has been mesmerising Halloween revellers since the Celtic feast of Sahmain, long before Halloween even had its name.

No surprise you’re highly recommended to place your Halloween order for orange and black linen with your tableware hire supplier sooner rather than later.

Crockery for Halloween tableware hire

Corpselike Crockery

You’ve got an aesthetic and a practical choice to make with your Halloween crockery.

It’s not unusual for organisers to automatically think black. Halloween is about being dark and gothic, after all.

But a professional tableware hire company might suggest you stick with plain and simple waxy white plates, bowls, cups and saucers.

Why’s that? Because your fangtastic food and demonic drinks won’t show up at their mouth-watering best against a black or other dark background.

Cutlery for Halloween tableware hire

Cursed Cutlery

Even your nasty knives, frightful forks and supernatural spoons enhance the overall phantasmagorical effect of your Halloween table.

Ask your tableware hire specialist if they’ve got any cutlery designs they’d especially suggest for ghoulish gatherings.

The Liza (silver tone) and Liza Rose (rose gold tone) ranges, for example, have hammered handles to add an extra fear-inspiring finishing touch.

Halloween tableware hire

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we’re proud of our track record for outstanding tableware hire across London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent.

So, when you’re arranging your Halloween party, don’t think about Rent-a-Ghost, think about Rent-a- Co-ordination Event Hire for the tableware hire of your dreams… or your worst nocturnal nightmares.


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