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Choosing the perfect Christmas party items should give you a thrill. But, with all the choice out there, it can be overwhelming if it’s not intentional.

So, what’s the best way to ensure the experience is calm and bright, rather than a nightmare before Christmas?

The answer is simple. Pick a theme for your festive function.

Christmas Party Themed Napkins

What’s Your Dream Theme?

Having a theme is fun, inspiring, and it gives you and your guests something to hang your hats on.

American party planning doyenne Kerry Keyes explains how choosing a theme is the first step towards a successful seasonal soiree.

She says, “Any kind of Christmas party can be merry and bright, but choosing a specific theme will make yours extra special! Your guests will be excited to attend when they know you’ve gone all out to make your party more memorable.”

The Christmas party theme you choose will influence the Christmas party items you need to hire.

But, even with your theme in the sack, bear in mind that one Santa’s capful of Christmas party goodies doesn’t fit all.

Different Organisers Need Different Christmas Party Items

Hire lists of Christmas party items are very different for different types of organisers –

    • Company Christmas Party Organiser – It can be exhilarating and soul destroying in equal measure to decide on the best Christmas party items for your bash. Everybody’s expectations are resting on your shoulders. You can and will rock their jingle bells, with the help of professional little elves at an event hire supplier’s grotto.
    • Event Management Companies – You might be working with different clients with different themes at different venues night after night during party season. You need to sprinkle some serious sparkle to make sure all the right Christmas party items make their ways down the right chimneys.
    • Hotels and Venue Event Teams – Perhaps you’re going all out with a fixed theme in your main function suite for the whole of December. Companies are booking it exclusively as a plug-and-play Christmas party in a box. And you’re also taking join-a-parties, with smaller groups from different companies bringing their parties to the party.

Brainstorm the Christmas party items you need to make the magic happen… within budget, (sorry to have to be a Scrooge and mention this very un-merry moot point).

This is where hiring Christmas party items is a gift that keeps on giving to all types of organisers.

Christmas Party Items to Suit Your Party and Your Purse

Hiring furniture, crockery, glassware and linen for your Christmas party is effective and cost-effective.

You can hire top of the range essential Christmas party items you wouldn’t be able to afford OR need to buy, things like –

  • Furniture Hire – Black or gold wash chairs are especially popular this year, enhancing glitzy and glam themes or more dramatic themes.
  • Glassware Hire – Wine glasses, martini glasses and champagne flutes always fly off the shelves. But don’t forget tumblers for water besides the harder stuff.
  • Linen Hire – The humble tablecloth and napkin play starring roles in lifting your tables and bringing the entire scene to life. Leverage that linen to tie in with your theme and your colour scheme.
  • Bars and Bar Equipment Hire – A Christmas party wouldn’t be a Christmas party without a few sparkling snifters, plus the nuts and bolts needed to serve them.
  • Dance Floor Hire – Snow shoe shuffle, anybody?
  • Coat Rail & Coat Hangers Hire – They’re not the sexiest items on your list. But there won’t be goodwill to all wo/men if they have to put their winter coats and umbrellas over the backs of chairs and under tables.
  • Easel Hire – Easy to forget. But it’s the only option for displaying your table plans in most venues and marquees where Blu-Tack isn’t an option.

Christmas Place Setting Close Up

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we help make the Christmas wishes of party organisers across London, Sussex, Surrey and Kent come true every festive season.

Rely on us this Christmas to do the logistical legwork while you get on with rockin’ around the Christmas tree.

Celebrate with Over 50 Amazing Christmas Party Themes, Kerry Keyes, Party Planning Solutions

Celebrate with Over 50 Amazing Christmas Party Themes

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