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When it comes to weddings it’s often the details that can transform the big day from a fun experience to something really special. Your guests will notice everything, from your flower choices through to the cutlery on the tables. That’s why something like choosing the right table linen can have a lot to contribute to the overall aesthetic. Especially if you’re looking to have a specific theme or feel for your wedding or event, choosing the right table linen colours might be crucial. So, how do you do it?

Consider how colours make us feel

There are some colours that tend to feel very relaxed and chilled whilst others make you feel warm and cosy. Some colours are vibrant and energising, and others create a much more formal sense of occasion. Think about how you want your guests to feel on the big day – are you looking to create a rich sense of importance with colours like purple or burgundy or laid back vibes with lightweight cream or blush?

Think about the season

If you’re looking to have a wedding aesthetic that is seasonally appropriate then colour is a big part of this. The most obvious example is to use reds and greens if you’re planning a very traditional festive wedding around Christmas or in the depths of winter. Spring colours tend to be fresh greens and vibrant yellows while summer is sunny orange or hot pink. For an autumn event you might want to consider earthy browns, rich purples and autumnal oranges to reflect the changing shades in nature all around.

Reflecting the style of the venue

If you’ve found your dream wedding venue then there was probably a good reason why you chose it. This can be incredibly useful when it comes to picking design elements of the big day, such as the table linen colours. Think about what it was that made you love the venue and then look for linen colours that enhance that. For example, if you’ve chosen somewhere like a castle or stately home then regal colours and formal shades can help to bring out the interiors. If the wedding is outdoors, linen colours that reflect and compliment the colours of nature are ideal. Different colours can also change the overall feel of the venue. If you have chosen a barn venue then you could brighten it up with shades of white and festoon lighting, or warm it up with earthy tones and an abundance of candles.

Focusing on accents

It’s often useful to decide which accent colours you want to use in your overall design scheme before figuring out details such as linen shades. Accent colours are usually metallics, such as silver, gold, rose gold or platinum. Once you’ve picked an accent colour for items such as decorations or table placements you can opt for linen colours that reflect and enhance your chosen accent shade.

Themes and décor

Generally speaking, the colour of the table linen you choose should reflect the overall theme or décor of the wedding. So, if you’ve picked a vintage theme, hot pink table linen won’t be as consistent as an ivory or pale pink, for example. Tie in your linen colours with your theme to make everything feel part of a well thought through whole.

Table linen is one of those details that can make a big difference to the look and feel of your wedding décor if you get it right. Here at Co-Ordination Event Hire we pride ourselves in our extensive range of table linen perfect for all kinds of events.

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