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Coming up with ideas for school proms isn’t hard. There’s everything under the sun and more you can throw at it. It’s whittling all those grandiose ideas down to a manageable, realistic, affordable but awe-inspiring wish list that’s the tough part. Decisions, decisions, decisions!

Here’s the good news. Ideas for school proms this year are just as bold and beautiful as they’ve always been. After all, there’s been a two-year pandemic-enforced hiatus of the traditional exam set-up and the school proms that put the icing on the Year 11 cake.

But things have changed since school teams were last coming up with ideas for school proms in 2019. As a result, expect to go big but keep it classy when school proms make a welcome return this summer.

So, you’re probably wondering about the priorities to swot up on for 2022. Here’s some food for thought.

Example school proms table with balloons

A 2022 Mindset Around Ideas for School Proms

2022 isn’t going to be a year for crazy new trends and ideas for school proms. Most school teams will go heavy on making the experience extra special without being conspicuously OTT.

On the one hand, there’s an “It’s the thought that counts” feeling. It’s still firmly accompanying us out of the other side of the pandemic.

On the other hand, your core objective is to deliver a gold star experience for your young adults who have coped with a lot recently.

Striking the perfect balance is key.

School proms example table set up wth flower arrangement

Maximum Impact Ideas for School Proms Perfection

With your theme chosen and your arrangements ready to rumble, it’s time to start putting your ideas for school proms in to practice.

You can create a breathtaking impact by carefully selecting your –

  • Glassware for serving a mouthwatering range of non-alcoholic fizz and cocktails to your young revellers
  • Bar Hire to add a dash of very grown-up glamour whilst also serving the practical purpose of dishing out the liquid refreshment
  • Dance Floor for when the DJ hits the decks and they’re ready to dance themselves dizzy (Fun fact: The classic black and white chequerboard dance floor remains one of the most popular ideas for school proms to this day)

Black and white dance floor

Final Thoughts

American-based Entertainers Worldwide know a thing or two about school proms. They explain, “There really is nothing quite so magical as prom! The excitement, the dresses, the themes, the friendships and fun – it’s a right of passage and a coming of age and should be something you remember forever.”

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we’re your proud partners in throwing captivating school proms with all the razzamatazz that creates lifelong memories.

We’ve got the experience and know-how of helping school teams arrange sensational school proms, plus a gigantic amount of event hire options that are as understated or as bling as you like.

Get in touch today to talk to us about your proms aspirations.

Place setting idea for school proms


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