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Sorting out venues, event hire equipment and all the trimmings that go with throwing a killer charity ball are thrilling parts of the fundraising process.  In addition, having a noble purpose behind your planning – to raise as much money as possible for your worthy cause – makes it even more gratifying.

But there’s a fine line to tread. As a charity event planner, you don’t want to be flashing the cash like you’ve got a never-ending money tree.

But on the other hand, the bar is high. People are used to paying premium ticket prices for lavish affairs that have them digging generously in to their deep pockets. So, it can be foolhardy to cut corners on food, drinks, event hire equipment and all the details that put the wow factor in to charity balls.

“…they can be very profitable… a great fundraising opportunity often involving auctions with prizes donated from sponsors or local businesses, or other activities such as casino-type games to gain donations for the charity” Realbuzz wellbeing site explains.

It adds, “In this technological age, charity balls improve and create organic, face-to-face, relationships between donors and the charity in a social environment… which is ultimately very beneficial to the charity”.

Experienced event hire equipment professionals understand your need to justify a return on investment. They help you tick everything off your checklist in style, whilst keeping a keen eye on your bottom line at the same time. Here’s just a snapshot of what that checklist might include.

An impressive corporate gala dinner with event equipment hire ideas

What Event Hire Equipment Do You Need to Dazzle Your Donors? 

Outstanding food, drinks and entertainment are at the heart of charity fundraising functions. You can excel in these areas, by paying extra attention to event hire equipment that will inspire the imaginations – and the generosity – of your crowd –

  • Encourage your guests to don their disco dancing shoes and party the night away on a drop-dead gorgeous white, chequerboard or traditional parquet dance floors
  • Choose a breath-taking centrepiece LED bar as your ball’s focal and talking point

A gala dinner showing how event equipment hire can be used

Can Your Event Hire Equipment Supplier Also Help With the ‘Nuts and Bolts’?

Truth bomb! Charity balls aren’t just glitz and glamour. There’s practical event hire equipment to think about, too. It might seem uninteresting compared to other elements. But it’s the glue that binds everything together. So, don’t forget about components like –

  • Cloak rails and coat hangers so guests aren’t stuck with their coats and jackets on the backs of their chairs or under tables
  • Easels for your tables plans and all-important auction information
  • Tills for selling raffle tickets, cashing in winning auction bids and taking donations

A lavish Christmas party using event equipment hire

Is amazing event hire equipment on your charity ball planning schedule? If the answer is ‘yes’, talk to us at Co-ordination Event Hire. We’re the proud partners of many charity teams. We understand what it takes to create maximum impact cost-effectively and we’ll right by your side helping you smash your fundraising targets.


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