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Demand for Jubilee event hire is soaring as the nation prepares to roll out the red, white and blue in 2022 for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations!

The buzz around the official anniversary on 6th February – marking 70 years since Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the throne – is just the beginning of what promises to be a momentous year.

But it’s the street parties and garden parties taking place across the length and breadth of the country in summer that are causing real excitement.

They’ll take place during the double bank holiday of four days from Thursday 2nd June.  Jubilee event hire will be at its absolute peak on Sunday 5th June, when a National Thank You Day has been established with national royal revelry at heart.

Are you one of the estimated 10 million people who will be partying like it’s 1952? If so, you’ll want to play close attention to our checklist for the most majestic Jubilee event hire …

Jubilee event hire table example

What Jubilee Event Hire Do You Need?

Things have come a long way since we last took to the streets in 1977 for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee, and again 1981 for Charles and Di’s wedding.  Move over salmon paste sandwiches, sausage rolls and jelly! It’s the 21st century now. The way we eat, drink and celebrate are very different.

Throwing a right royal knees-up at home or in your street is no mean feat. You need to think about everything under the sun, from tables to teapots and from platters to posts and ropes.

Fear not! Co-Ordination Event Hire has already done the thinking for you. Here’s a checklist to ensure your party planning doesn’t become a chore –

  • Tables – Round or rustic trestle tables? You decide.
  • Chairs – Whether you want wooden chairs, folding chairs, garden chairs or benches, there are thrones available for every garden party of street party, inside or outdoors.
  • Linen – Every trestle table needs a table cloth. The variety of colours on the market is eye-popping – though the bias is naturally red, white and blue for Jubilee event hire. And while you’re at it, how about table runners and napkins to lift the look of your tables to truly regal levels.
  • China – Plates, teacups and saucers, milk jugs, sugar bowls, teapots and coffee pots, tiered cake stands… A premium Jubilee event hire provider such as Co-Ordination Events will happily guide you about the best quantities and styles for your guest list and party type.
  • Cutlery – The Liza and Liza Rose ranges are exceptionally popular for Jubilee event hire, due to their aesthetic attractiveness and their namesake quirkiness. Depending on preferences and purses, teaspoons, pastry forks and cake slices are also available, besides regular knives, forks and dessert spoons.
  • Glasses – It’s a good idea to think about your drinks first. Having a list ready enables your Jubilee event hire provider to meet your glassware needs, which might include champagne flutes for the royal toast, water glasses, pint glasses, hi-balls, coloured glasses and water jugs.
  • BBQ’s – Get cooking on gas, with barbies of various sizes, plus accompanying tools.
  • Serviceware – Items like wine and champagne coolers, heater fuel, fridges, bottle bins and general rubbish bins, posts and ropes… They aren’t the most glamourous items. But, they’re essentials. You’d be kicking yourself if you overlooked them.

Jubilee event hire garden party table

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we’re taking Jubilee event hire orders NOW for private garden parties and public street parties. You can think of us as more than just a furniture and equipment hire company. We’ve got the experience and expertise to proactively advise you if you’re unsure about what you actually need.

Get in touch today for an initial chat about your royal requirements.


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Decor for a Jubilee street party or garden party

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