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A successful event can have a whole range of benefits. From professional events that establish a business reputation to memorable birthdays and the Christmas party of the year, well planned occasions have a lot to offer. Often, originality can be an issue – especially if the event is annual or being organised in an industry where others are regularly doing the same. So, what can you do to make sure that your event really stands out?

  1. Integrate technology

Virtual reality, in particular, is a burgeoning trend in the events world today and offers a huge range of options when it comes to unique features and activities for your guests to enjoy. A fully virtual reality event can be an unusual experience and will set you apart as a forward thinking organiser. You can also incorporate elements of virtual reality, from product launches to fun games to keep everyone entertained.

  1. Use an element of contest

Depending on the purpose of your event there are a number of different options. For example, if the event is personal and all about the fun, why not turn it into a talent show in the style of some of the big TV style contests? If it’s a professional event then opt for a Dragon’s Den style format and get people to pitch while others critique and provide feedback.

  1. Use a flash mob

Flash mobs are virtually guaranteed to generate attention on social media so if you’re looking to achieve great PR from the event this is an obvious choice. The idea behind a flash mob is that a large group of people gather in one spot at a pre-allocated time and do something agreed in advance, such as a dance routine or dressing up. The result is usually made to look spontaneous and that’s what gets the attention of bystanders who want to record and share it across social media. Choose a theme that’s relevant to your event and make it surprising enough for people to want to share.

  1. Panels and roasting

A roast is a comedy tradition from the US that has made its way over here. It involves one person who is teased and challenged throughout the night – ideal for a retirement party or special birthday. A panel event is focused on sparking discussion, bringing a group of experts into a space where others will want to hear what they have to say.

  1. Speed networking

Whether the entire event is speed networking, or you add this as an element to make the rest of the event more unique, this is a great way to get people talking. Just as with speed dating, attendees have a few minutes to make conversation before moving on to the next person.

Great events today require a little more thought and planning, especially if you’re looking for the event to be unique. For all your event furniture and catering equipment needs, contact our team on 01293 553040.

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