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From weddings to corporate dinners and birthday parties, the Chiavari chair is a constant feature. Stylish and reliable, this chair has become one of the go to options for anyone looking to provide plenty of comfortable seating that also looks super sophisticated. If you’re currently planning your next event, no matter what the theme or where you’re planning on holding it, Chiavari chairs could be the ideal solution to all your seating needs.

Chiavari chair

The Chiavari chair hails from Italy and has been a staple of event planning for many years. It has even made an appearance at some very prominent events, including meetings at the White House. This type of chair is a redesign of a well known French Empire style of furniture that was popular around the time that the Chiavari chair was first invented in the early 1800s.

Giuseppe Gaetano Descalzi, who was a cabinet maker, is credited with creating this iconic piece of furniture, redesigning the French Empire style to define an aesthetic that is both elegant and simple. Each piece of the chair is designed for the specific stress that it will carry. The original Chiavari chairs were crafted from woods such as wild cherry and maple.

Why is the Chiavari chair so popular?

It is versatile

Chiavari chairs have interchangeable seat pads, which means that they can be adapted to just about any aesthetic and scheme. They are also available in a very wide range of different colours. The choice of this type of chair makes it easy to integrate a colour scheme and to make an event feel completely unique.

Chiavari chairs are very practical

These are chairs that are designed for sitting and also for repeated use. When you’re working with this type of chair you know that it can be trusted to take the stresses and strains that are placed on event furniture. Plus, Chiavari chairs are very easy to stack and store and have been designed to be durable so they don’t need to be replaced frequently.

The element of consistency

Event furniture is often required in large numbers and Chiavari chairs are a great resource for achieving a consistent aesthetic no matter how large the number of guests. The chairs compliment the look of any occasion but won’t detract from the overall theme and are in plentiful supply to cater for even the biggest occasions.

Stylish and good looking

Italian craftsmanship and simple elegance give the Chiavari chair its distinctive look, which is one that has graced many an event, from public occasions through to select private dinners. The simple but stylish aesthetic ensures that this chair always looks sophisticated but won’t dominate the aesthetic.

You’ve probably already sat on one

Chiavari chairs are familiar and comfortable because most of us have already experienced one before. This can help to put guests at ease and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

If you’d like to find Chiavari chairs for your event we can supply them – contact us to find out more.

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