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Winter wedding hire has been going full-on head-to-head with its summer equivalent lately. And not without good reason.

There are many perks to winter weddings that might be enticing you – and thousand of other brides-to-be – towards snow rather than sunshine.

Ice queens everywhere can let their creative juices flow, with winter wedding hire that perfectly partners the coldest, frostiest days and nights.

So, what’s the buzz that’s making fiancées think about cold snaps instead of heatwaves?

Enchanted forest winter wedding decor.

1) Winter Wedding Hire is a Décor Double Bubble

Wedding planner Kelli Corn shared with Brides recently, “… there are many benefits to a celebration aligned with the holidays. For one, any venue you select will most likely already be decorated for the holiday season, adding a more celebratory feel to your special day.”

Many hotels and venues go all in with their Christmas trees. They have budgets for Christmas décor that would make your eyes water and your toes curl.

If you’d love professional décor for free, you’re quids in.

Imagine the bonus of having an amazing professional backdrop that doesn’t cost you a penny. On the contrary, it leaves more money in your purse to spend on other finishing touches, such as wedding cutlery.

You might not have thought about having anything over and above standard cutlery. But, why not when you’ve got extra cash to flash?

For example, the Liza Rose hammered rose gold range is a popular choice that flickers in the golden candlelit glow of your wintertime wedding venue.


Festive place setting by a winter wedding hire supplier.

2) Not Traditional? Welcome to the Unconventional World of Winter Wedding Hire

You can let your imagination run riot with weddings 365 days of the year. But ramp it up by a notch or 10 with winter wedding hire.

Imagine what you can do with the glittering mercurial splendour of a winter wonderland theme.

Dare to dream about an enchanted forest bedecked with holly and mistletoe and woodland creatures.

Or, throw caution and conformity to the wind, with something more gothic that interweaves and embraces the colder weather and darker nights.

To these ends, there are many rustic wedding hire items around, like vintage barrels, woodland forest soft seating and vintage trestle tables. They work wonders in bringing your own unique vision to life.

Winter wedding place setting with foliage.

3) Let It Snow 

Ok, so the chances of getting the money shot in all your bridal glory in a blanket of pure, flawless snow are slim.

But winter wedding hire helps you recreate its silvery white awe and wonder.

For example, lavishly ornate mirrored cake stands and glacial decorative tableware are light refractive joys to behold.

They perfectly compliment snowy white wedding furniture (or cream if you’re not dreaming of a white wedding).

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we’re the go-to winter wedding hire specialists for brides, wedding planners, marquee companies and venues across London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent and beyond.

Our winter wedding hire ranges span everything you could need and wish for, whether you’re a stickler for tradition or you’ve got a maverick matrimony in mind.

Get in touch today for a tailored proposal designed around your specific requirements and preferences.


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