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Hire refrigerated trailer, inside and out
It’s highly likely, since you’re reading this, that you’re involved in organising an event in the not-to-distant future, that involves an element of catering…  So have you considered hiring a refrigerated trailer?

Whether your event is taking place in summer or winter, inside or out, you’re going to need to have some sort of refrigeration, but not all locations will be equipped with all the right resources to help with this.

From beer and wine through to soft drinks, prepared food and even flowers, there are many different event components that need to be kept cold or frozen, not only to ensure that everything is served correctly, but also for health and safety reasons too.

If you’re looking for short, or indeed long-term refrigeration support, then read on for a comprehensive summary of the benefits of hiring a refrigerated trailer, and some top tips to ensure you set up efficiently.

First, the benefits.

They’re mobile

Unlike a traditional fridge, portable refridgerated trailers – aka chiller trailers – are completely mobile and can be used wherever required. You don’t need a specific environment for use. Chiller trailers can accommodate a range of surfaces, from a concrete floor, to decking or a field. Fridge trailers and freezer trailers can be plugged into an electrical supply where there is one, but will also work just as well from a portable generator, giving you chilling capacity no matter where you are.

They can be delivered to you, at the last minute

Chiller trailers don’t require a lot of modification from one job to the next, so you don’t need to wait weeks for assembly. We will deliver the fridge or freezer trailer direct to your home or venue, making this a convenient and easy option, appropriate for any event.

They’re easy to use

You don’t need to have a degree in physics to operate a chiller trailer, as they arrive ready to go with everything required to start cooling food or drink. It’s easy to ensure that your unit is at the right temperature for your purposes and that it stays that way. Once the event is over, the chiller trailer is unplugged and then picked up – it’s as simple as that.

Long term hire option available

Sometimes accidents happen. You may be working in a kitchen or own a venue all set up with fridges and freezers, but if a disaster strikes and your refrigeration goes down, our chiller trailer are often available for long-term and emergency hire.

Hire refrigerated trailer, with view

If you think that hiring a walk in fridge trailer is right for your event, here are the three most important things we suggest you consider.

1. You’ll need to pick a spot where the trailer is level

There are a number of different issues that could arise if the trailer is positioned on a piece of ground that isn’t level, all of which could impact on your event. For example, you may find that the doors of the trailer won’t open and close properly if it isn’t on level ground. You may also have issues with blocks of ice forming in the wrong place in the trailer’s system after it has been in defrost mode on unlevel ground.

We’ll help you choose the best position when we deliver the trailer to you.

2. Make sure you position the trailer near to the power supply

When you’re organising your event, prioritise putting the chiller trailer close to a power supply. There are a number of very good reasons for doing this, not least to minimise the risk of trips and falls from the cabling. Chiller trailers will need to have power in order to ensure a consistent temperature is maintained, particularly when conditions are hot. For that, they will draw on the power supply – if this is positioned some distance away then there may be a drop in voltage to the trailer as a result of the length of the cable. If the voltage drops too low, especially on hot days, then the mechanism inside the chiller trailer can trip out, so it’s crucial to ensure that power is close at hand.

3. Remember to shut the doors!

Yes, it’s obvious but it’s also shocking just how many people have left chiller trailer doors open and then wondered why the trailer is unable to reach its optimum temperature. The trailer doors need to be closed in order for the chiller inside to remain cool. While you might need to open and close the doors to retrieve items from inside, it will be crucial to minimise this and to avoid any period of time in which the doors remain continuously open. Sometimes, doors are left open for convenience, but this will result in an almost instant temperature rise.

In conclusion, hiring a refrigerated trailer or freezer trailer will ensure that that food and drink will remain at a constant temperature. They can be set up almost anywhere and are simple and easy to use.

We can supply the ideal refrigerated trailer to help you plan how best to use it for your event. Contact us on 01293 553040 to find out more about our hire options today, or take a look at more of our catering products for hire.

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