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Outdoor weddings are certainly increasing in popularity, and the effect of the pandemic is doing nothing to slow down this increase. An outdoor wedding can be dreamy, picturesque, romantic and relaxed. However, the logistics involved are inevitably slightly more complicated when you have factors such as the weather to consider. If you’re keen to plan your dream wedding in the open air then these essential tips for hosting an outdoor wedding will help.

Prepare for the weather

You may think this is a bit of a pointless comment as the weather in the UK will always be somewhat unpredictable. Even a wedding held in the prime summer months of July and August could be affected by good old British wind and rain. Whilst you certainly can’t control the weather, you can prepare for it. And by prepare, we mean over-prepare. Make sure you have shelter for whatever the weather (It may end up being needed to protect your guests from the rain, or from the sun). Warm blankets, fire pits and patio heaters are all useful options for guests if the weather does take a turn. And don’t forget the backup of umbrellas (get some pretty ones in your colour scheme… They make for great photos if it does rain!)

Autumn wedding photo courtesy of IC Photographics. Fire Pit photo courtesy of Elena Popa Photography.

Pick a theme that suits your surroundings

Outdoor events of all types benefit from a theme that is in keeping with the surroundings and this is a great way to make your wedding personal and unique. Try to pick something that represents you as a couple, but that also works with your location. Outdoor weddings open up a whole host of wonderful and sometimes slightly alternative themes that may not have the same impact indoors. Perhaps you’ll go for a British picnic style wedding, or a beautifully extravagant Alice in Wonderland style tea party! Or perhaps it will be something more simple… BBQs and Paellas are perfect for outdoor weddings, as are festival and fun fair style parties. Just remember to pick a theme within your budget as some options can run away with the pennies!

Frickley Lake photoshoot by Butler & White. Photo courtesy of Elena Popa Photography.

Make the most of natural features

Take a look at the landscape around you and be sure to make the most of natural features… What would make a good backdrop for your big moment? Are there areas of natural shade? Perhaps there are water features or archways that you could make the most of. And don’t forget to go hunting for those perfect photo opportunities!

Photo courtesy of Hayley Rose Photography. Concept and styling by The Toast and Co-Ordination Event Hire.

Marquee or no marquee?

The great thing about having a marquee is that you know you have some protection whatever the weather. You may need to consider marquees for both the ceremony and the reception, depending on how your day is planned. If you decide to go for a marquee then think carefully about what style you might like. Would you prefer a traditional white marquee that fits perfectly with a quaint English country garden, or would a clear span marquee show off your location at it’s best?

Photo courtesy of Danny Inwood. Raise The Roof Marquees, Co-Ordination Event Hire and Airmagination Balloons.

Have a back-up plan

Even the best laid plans can go wrong, so be sure to have a back up plan in case everything goes awry. If the weather takes a big turn for the worse, and you have musicians planned for outdoors, can their equipment be moved easily inside a marquee? If the generators go down and you are left without power, do you still have lighting? (Or preferably a back-up generator!) Have plans for all occasions, and a little team of willing volunteers who you know you can count on should furniture need moving quickly.


Get some help

From event organisers to working with an event furniture hire company able to create a unique aesthetic for your wedding, there is an army of people ready to help you bring your dream wedding to life. When you’re choosing support and suppliers for your wedding, make sure you research their past work, what they can offer and what other clients thought of completed jobs.


We offer a range of catering products for hire to help make your dream outdoor wedding a reality. Contact us to find out more about how we could make this an event to remember.

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