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The most popular cocktails add a sense of occasion to any event, whether you’re planning a corporate gathering or a personal celebration. In fact, they’re a no-brainer in terms of deliciousness and presentation, adding flair and finesse.

Leading UK experiences platform Fizzbox need no convincing in their The UK’s Favourite Cocktail – A 2024 Survey Of Our Favourite Tipple article. “We think it’s safe to say that we all love a cocktail in the UK. But here comes the big question; what’s your favourite cocktail?” Pippa in their Marketing team asked. “Of course, we wanted to know the answer to that very question, so with that in mind, we ran a survey in December.”

To mark National Cocktail Day on 24th March, let’s dive into the most popular cocktails shaking things up at events this year.

Enjoy the 5 Most Popular Cocktails in the UK at Your Next Event

1.      Mojito: The Refreshing Classic

There’s nothing like the zesty zing of a Mojito to bring out the vibrancy at your event. It’s a lip-smacking blend of fresh mint, white rum, sugar, lime and cooling soda water, ideal for outdoor summer parties, corporate away days, or poolside incentives.

This universal favourite packs a hefty punch and doesn’t need any fussy serving. A traditional Old Fashioned glass works just fine. Or you might want to be matchy with a green tumbler. On the other hand, go green by name and nature by pairing this minty marvel with a reusable plastic tumbler for alfresco fun.

Two Mojoto cocktails served with sprigs of mint.

2.      Pina Colada: A Tropical Escape

Transport your guests to a tropical paradise with a dreamy creamy Pina Colada, irresistibly blending rich coconut cream, white rum, and tangy pineapple. It brings the kitsch appeal in spades when served in a curvaceous Pina Colada glass with a playful umbrella.

The Pina Colada promises a sweet escape with every sip, at themed parties, outdoor drinks receptions, or any event where you want island vibes and sunny smiles.

Two Pina Colada cocktails served with pineaple slices and straws.

3.      Long Island Iced Tea: The Ultimate Party Mixer

Look no further than the Long Island Iced Tea to get the party started. A potent mix of vodka, gin, tequila, rum, and triple sec, topped with lime, cola, and plenty of ice, is a true crowd-pleaser.

The LIIT mixes complex flavours and a sizeable kick in a deceptively elegant Sling glass. No wonder it makes the most popular cocktails list for keeping the energy sky high at corporate soirees or birthday bashes alike.

A Long Island Iced Tea cocktail served with a lemon wedge and sprigs of mint.

4.       White Russian: Elegantly Smooth

The White Russian is your go-to cocktail for a touch of smoothness with a hint of sheer sass. It’s a simple yet indulgent blend of vodka, cream, and coffee liqueur, elegantly served in an understated Rocks glass or Old Fashioned glass.

This velvety elixir adds a refined edge to corporate events, private dining, or any occasion calling for the finer things in life. Richly palate-pleasing and luxurious, what’s not to love?

A Whire Russian cocktail served with cocoa powder and coffee beans.

5. Cosmopolitan: The Life and Soul of the Party

Want a pop of colour and a dash of playfulness? Look no further than the last in our rundown of the most popular cocktails. The Cosmopolitan is the quintessential party potion.

This sweet and sour concoction of vodka, cranberry, orange liqueur, and citrus makes a bold statement. It’s ideal for lively summer gatherings, launch parties, or any event where you’re keen to add some extra sparkle. This is why the Cosmopolitan is known as a good time in a Martini glass.

Two Cosmopolitan cocktails served in Martini glasses with lemon wedges.

So, we’ve stirred up your imagination with the most popular cocktails amongst event organisers. But remember, presentation is key. For this reason, using the right glassware ups the visual appeal and the overall drinking experience.

Contact us at Co-ordination Event Hire. Because choosing the right glass is the cherry in the cocktail, whether you need elegant highballs, classy Martini glasses, relaxed Rocks, or majestic flutes.

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