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If you run a business that involves furniture, whether that’s for events or as part of a venue, the decision about whether to hire or buy is one that always has to be made. Although buying furniture can sometimes seem like a more cost effective permanent solution, in fact there are many advantages to hiring instead.

Space saving

When you hire furniture you’re not responsible for storing it in between events or occasions. This is a huge advantage for businesses with limited space, particularly as storing furniture that you own can sometimes mean incurring additional costs to rent somewhere to keep it. For most organisations, space is already at a premium so it’s better to work with a company that will handle the storage of furniture for you.

Seasonal peaks and troughs

If your business only requires furniture sporadically then, for much of the year, it’s likely to be sitting unused and taking up space. This is particularly so if your business is seasonal, for example you are especially busy during the festive season or the summer months but not so much the rest of the time. If that’s the case it simply doesn’t make sense to put your business under the financial pressure of covering the up front cost of furniture if you’re only going to use it once or twice a year.

Supporting more positive cash flow

Particularly for start-ups or small businesses where cash flow is tight, the cost of buying furniture can be crippling. The option to hire provides an opportunity to reduce this cost so that you’re only paying for what you need and minimising the impact on your cash flow. Hiring also enables the cost of using furniture to be spread out over a number of months, as opposed to being met in a single payment.

Flexible and fast

When you partner with a furniture hire company the service is truly flexible, whatever your needs. If you require a large number of pieces for one event but only a few for the next there are no penalties for this fluctuation in demand – a hire company can easily provide you with what you need, when you need it. And, if that happens to be a last minute requirement, you’ll find it much easier to get what you need from a hiring company than if you’re looking to buy.

Quality and choice

Once you purchase furniture then your choice for future events is limited to what you’ve already invested in. So, even if the theme changes or you want to try a different aesthetic, you will have to work with the furniture that you have. Hiring furniture gives you the freedom to make different choices every time, from classic and sophisticated through to statement and daring. The quality is also guaranteed when you’re working with a hire company – every piece will be delivered well maintained and in good condition.

If you need furniture, these are just a few of the advantages of hiring it rather than committing to a purchase. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of hiring for your business, get in touch.

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