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It’s no secret that weddings take a lot of organisation and co-ordination. There’s a reason why some people go into ‘Bridezilla’ (or ‘Groomzilla’) mode – there is just so much to do and sometimes there may not be that much time to do it in. Hiring tables and chairs for your wedding makes a lot of sense to ensure that you get the cost and the aesthetics that will deliver the perfect big day. These are our top tips for getting the most from your chair and table hire for your wedding.

1. Start with your basics

At a wedding, tables and chairs are your basics. This is the only furniture you’ll have for your guests and if it’s not quite right then people will notice. You may be planning a wedding with other key elaborate pieces but it makes sense to get the basics agreed first. After that you can move on to look at other items, such as decorative crockery, vintage glassware or your dream linens.

2. Be aware of the seasons

In particular, make sure you know if your planned wedding date falls within peak wedding season. The warmer summer months of June – August are pure peak season, especially if your wedding falls on a Friday or a Saturday. This is not only when you’re likely to pay more for all the components of your wedding but is also when items such as furniture could be in shortest supply. So, if you’re keen to have a peak wedding, making sure you’re planning and booking table and chair hire well in advance – at least 11/12 months. Other “peak” points during the year include bank holidays and, increasingly, the months of September – November.

3. Book now, don’t wait

Wedding guest numbers tend to fluctuate right up until the last minute and that can cause a lot of headaches. However, it makes sense to book your wedding furniture rental before you have final numbers to avoid missing out. When you’re enquiring about booking, make sure there is a reductions policy in place (most event furniture hire businesses will offer this) so that if you do end up with far fewer guests than anticipated you won’t have lots of empty chairs and empty spend in your budget.

4. Prioritise the floor and table plans

It may seem like a nice last minute wedding job to allocate seating to guests. However, this is something you should do much earlier on in the process. You’ll need to work out how you want the seating to work – do you want a long Top Table, a kid’s table, what kind of tables are you going to use (e.g. round or trestle) and how many people can each accommodate? All of this will impact on the number of tables and chairs likely to be required, which is a decision that will have to be made early on.

5. What does the venue package include?

It can come as a big shock to realise that there is no event furniture included with your venue package. Or, the price may cover tables and chairs but not linen and glasses. Before you sign anything, or make any payments, make sure you know exactly what is included in your venue package – and what the exclusions are.

We are a family run business with 30 years’ experiencing helping brides and grooms to create memorable weddings with exceptional catering hire, from tables to linen. For more advice or to find the right furniture for your event, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements today.

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