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Barbecue catering at events really starts coming in to its own every merry month of May. The British weather gets more clement, though it’s never averse to throwing curveballs at will. But generally, as the Days of the Year guide reminds us, “…it’s time to truly embrace the start of summer with Barbecue – or barbeque – month!” Yes, May is even dubbed National Barbecue Month.

Throwing a shrimp on the barbie is synonymous with a land Down Under. But barbecues have been appealing to UK summer palates more and more with every passing year. Now, barbecue catering at events has firmly staked its claim on –

  • Corporate events
  • Weddings
  • Most other types of events held in the great outdoors during the warmer months

Planning to follow suit? A leading event hire supplier will happily sort you some first rate fire pit equipment for getting the charcoal stoked.

Fire pit stop press: Did we mention extra bangs per buck?  We’re talking about sultry warmth and glowing illumination long after hungry bellies have been filled.

But, don’t forget about some of the less obvious but equally essential event hire equipment. In truth, it makes barbecue catering at events a summer breeze. Here’s a few gentle reminders…

Fire pit for barbecue catering at events

Barbecue Catering at Events Means Keeping Some Foods Colder than Hotter 

Refrigeration is non-negotiable when you’re barbecuing for the masses. In addition to the hot stuff, you’re likely to have food items on the menu that are best served cold, such as –

  • Side salads
  • Desserts containing cream

In addition, it goes without saying that raw fish, meat and poultry need to be kept chilled before being tossed on the barbecue.

So, think about your numbers. A supersized upright fridge might be sufficient. Or, if your gathering constitutes a crowd, then a fridge trailer might suit your needs best.

Fridge trailer stop press: They’re ideal places for keeping wedding flowers fresh if you’re planning a bridal barbecue.

Fridge trailer for event catering

An Ice-Cold Beer or a Steaming Hot Cuppa?

Your drinks are just as much a tale of fire and ice as your food. In short, your thirsty guests will want to wash their bodacious burgers down with a freezing cold drink or a boiling hot beverage.

Any event hire supplier worth its weight in marinade will be able to help. Ask them about bottle cooling bins and water boilers to maintain the temperatures of your drinks selection to perfection, at both ends of the scale.

Bottle cooling bin for event catering

Double Bubble for Garbage and Storage

The unassuming bin is the obvious vehicle for clearing up after barbecue catering at events. But surprisingly, many organisers plain forget. How rubbish!

Don’t be caught bin-less when the sun goes down and the party’s over. Pop a few multi-tasking dustbins on your list for –

  • Collecting napkins
  • Piling used crockery (This is an especially neat manoeuvre if your event hire supplier offers a ‘dirty’ service and you don’t have to do any washing up.)
  • Storing extra cushions, toys to keep the kids occupied or competition prizes, anything that needs putting somewhere before and during your event

Plastic Dustbin

At Co-ordination Event Hire, we’re experts on everything you need for serving up sizzling barbecue catering at events. And we can’t wait to ignite your wingdings in London, Sussex, Surrey or Kent.

National Barbecue Month, Days of the Year

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