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Valentine’s event hire might just be the perfect solution if you’ve got an amorous night in on your mind for this year’s romance-athon.

But, putting pressure on yourself isn’t what Valentine’s Day is all about. You should be floating on a fluffy pink cloud, not stressing out about logistics and practicalities.

To this happy end, Valentine’s event hire is your one-stop shop for everything you need to serve up the food of love in style to your darling one.

Romantic place setting with Valentine's event hire

Why is Everybody SO in Love with Valentine’s Event Hire this Year? 

Thousands of people are preferring passionate Valentine’s nights in this year. After all, we’ve got used to being creative about at-home entertainment over the past couple of pandemic-ridden years. But, a lockdown-driven lust for homemade happenings is only part of the reason.

Rose Leadem of Entrepreneur explains why more and more couples are choosing Valentine’s event hire for cosy nights in.

“…on Valentine’s Day, more than half opt to stay in”, she says. “Turns out, “Netflix and chill” has become so popular that many people would rather kick back… and binge watch Stranger Things than get dressed up and go out.”

This upward trajectory of Valentine’s event hire is part and parcel of staying in becoming the new going out. But, it’s not what you do. It’s the way that you do it.

Rose concludes, “Most often, people receive candy, chocolate and cards on this heartfelt holiday, when what they really want is… an experience.”

As a result, you’re far from alone if you’re plumping for an intimate yet relaxed time at home instead of an overrated night out. And don’t worry if your culinary skills aren’t too arousing. The sheer delight of doing your night your way guarantees something special you’ll remember.

In fact, once you see the sort of things on offer, you’ll be pleased you didn’t book anything else.

Valentine’s Event Hire That’s Worth Staying In for

Rebekah Lowin at Country Living is all for it. She enthuses, “If food is the way to your honey’s heart, a surprise breakfast in bed or a fancy, at-home Valentine’s Day dinner for two (or both!) might be the way to go.”

A Romantic Day for Two Hire Package will take you from champagne breakfast to suppertime sustenance when the big day arrives.

A market-leading supplier like Co-Ordination Event Hire includes many different ranges of crockery, cutlery, glasses, napkins and bowls for your Valentine’s victuals.

You can choose from a staggering 25 different types of glasses, depending on whether you’re a coffee or cocktail kind of couple, (or a mixture of both). Make your sultry selection from –

It’s a smilar scenario with the humble napkin. Red is automatically associated with Valentine’s Day. So, you might be perfectly happy to go with traditional sexy scarlet. But don’t rule out something else that suits your own personal taste more. With napkins from olive to oyster pink and from pumpkin to periwinkle, there really is something for everybody to love.

Valentine’s event hire gives you that luxury of choice.

If you’re a hearts and flowers kind of couple, you’ll find plenty to set your hearts pumping. Or, if you prefer to move away from the norm and do things your own sweet way, no problem, go wild!

Sexy red wine glass for Valentine's event hire

At Co-ordination Event Hire, our Romantic Day for Two Hire Package costs from just £30.00, including the washing up when you return it to us. That’s more canoodling time for you.

Get in touch today whether you’re planning the perfect night in for two or an amoré-themed event for 20 or 200.

Pink rose napkin in teacup


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