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With the nights drawing in, Halloween just around the corner, and the prospect of half term on the horizon, many of you may be wondering how you can keep busy at home this season… And how to keep the kids entertained! Read on to discover 10 spooky ways to keep entertained at home this Halloween!

  1. Have a pumpkin carving (or painting) competition

Pumpkin carving is an old favourite at this time of year, but why not kick things up a notch by having a competition. If you have a willing volunteer in the house, happy to sit out the carving, then ask them to judge the best pumpkin. But if you all want to join in then why not post photos of the finished items to social media and ask your friends to vote!

(Image courtesy of @freepik)

  1. Have a murder mystery night

This might be one for the adults. There are so many companies out there selling murder mystery packages… Many of which you can even do virtually online with your friends… So grab your costumes, put on your best voices, and prepare to get into character!


  1. Set a spooky dinner table

If a family diner with the kids is more likely in your household then why not get the kids to set a spooky dinner table. They could cut out paper skulls and skeletons, carve pumpkins for the centerpiece and fold napkins into Halloween favourites… Check out our Bat Napkins!
If you’re feeling brave you could even cook a spooky dinner… Think fingers coming out of pies, and eyeballs in stew!

  1. Make some eyeball punch!

It’s much easier to make eyeballs than you might think… Simply pop a blueberry into a lychee and hey presto!

But if spooky isn’t your scene, and you prefer something warm and spiced then why not whip up a batch of mulled cider! Perfect served in a handled latte glass.

Eyeball punch courtesy of @elenashashkina

  1. Go on an A-Z treasure hunt

This is a perfect one to keep the kids busy for a while and can be done either in the garden or out on a family walk. The concept is simple… The first to collect 26 items (one for each letter of the alphabet) is the winner.

For bonus points get them to try to find items relating to the season… ‘C’ for ‘Conker’, ‘F’ for ‘Fallen leaf’ or ‘P’ for ‘Pumpkin!


  1. Make some Witches slime!

Using just a few ingredients, you can whip up some Witches slime for hours of entertainment! Once it’s made get the kids to incorporate some creepy items into it… Fake spiders, plastic eyeballs, or just glitter for the glam witch!

Check out ‘Sugar, Spice and Glitters’ recipe here: https://sugarspiceandglitter.com/witchs-brew-slime/


  1. Have fun with some Halloween craft

There’s far more to Halloween craft than carving pumpkins! Why not make some spooky bunting, or cut out paper spiderwebs. You could sew some felt Halloween decorations or make paper lanterns. And if Pumpkins are more your thing, but you are looking for an alternative then why not paint them instead of carving them… They last much longer!

If you’re in need of some old sheets for costumes and crafts, we’re even selling off our old table cloths for £5 a cloth! (Get in touch via [email protected])

(Jaimie’s attempt at a Ghost costume wasn’t the most creative!)

  1. Go ‘Ghosting’

Many of you will have missed all of your usual social interactions. You may even know people still shielding. So why not bake some Halloween goodies and drop them off on your neighbours doorstep…. It’s a much more friendly version of ‘Knock, Knock, Ginger’!

You could even suggest that your neighbours pass on the good deed by leaving treats on someone else’s doorstep!


  1. Go pumpkin hunting

Trick or Treating may not be possible this year with social distancing, but why not grab the kids and go pumpkin hunting! Have a walk around your local area and see how many pumpkins you can spot. You could even give the kids a little treat for each pumpkin they find.


  1. Have a home movie night

When all of the pumpkins have been spotted, the treats have been left at neighbours doors and the walk in the cold autumn air have been completed, there is nothing better than coming home, cuddling up under a blanket and watching movie.

Pick a Halloween movie as a family, bring out the spooky snack and settle down for a cosy evening in (you might even want to build a fort to watch from!)

Image courtesy of @freepik

We hope you have enjoyed our list of 10 spooky ways to keep entertained at home this Halloween, and have found some useful suggestions. If you are planning a dinner and need some items to decorate your table, we have plenty of crockery, cutlery and linens available to hire. Check out our selection here: https://co-ordination.net/catering-products/

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