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The right furniture will be essential to creating a fantastic setting for your wedding or event. Not only is furniture hire a great way to ensure that you have the functionality that you need from your furniture but it can also contribute to your theme. If you want to ensure that your furniture creates consistency with your theme for that special day then there are some key questions that you need to ask when you’re arranging your furniture hire.

What’s the theme?

This is going to be your first question to answer and will be crucial to ensuring that you get the furniture you need to create the right aesthetics for your event. You might be opting for a glamorous wedding or a rustic BBQ event – the needs for these will be very different so it’s important to establish up front what the theme will be. Once you have your theme then identify the style of event furniture that will be perfect for that theme. When you have first contact with the furniture hire company, look at the options that are available that would work with your chosen theme.

Where is the event going to take place?

This could be a decision that you make as part of the theme and will be important when it comes to the event furniture hire. If you’re having a completely al fresco wedding, for example, then you may need to take that into consideration when choosing event furniture. If you’re pushed for space in an event venue then you’ll need furniture that is more space efficient.

What kinds of guest numbers are you looking at?

It will be essential to ensure that you have enough furniture to cope with all your guests in the style that you want to accommodate them. So when you’re looking at furniture hire, make sure you’re speaking with a company able to offer the volume that you need. Ideally, you’ll be able to confirm your numbers closer to the event so that you can make any necessary changes at the last minute.

Consider colour to create mood

The colour of the furniture that you choose will have a big impact on whether you achieve your overall theme so you’ll need to make a decision about this early on. Lighter colours are great for creating a minimal look and feel to your event but you may want to use a more powerful shade. Colour consistency will also be another key question – do you want to match everything or just have shades that work together?

What’s your budget?

The amount that you can spend on your event furniture hire is another crucial up front question to answer. This will be essential for ensuring that your budget extends to everything that you want to include in your event and you don’t end up short when it comes to paying for the essentials.

We supply hire furniture for events to suit a wide range of different budgets and themes. Contact us to chat through your requirements.

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