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The experience of a wedding is important, not just for the bride and groom but for every guest who takes the trouble to attend. When you’re planning your Big Day there may be a lot to think about in terms of what you need to hire. Once you’ve covered tableware, decorations and lighting, don’t forget to consider what a hired dance floor could bring to your wedding reception too.

Enhancing the layout

Aesthetics are key at a wedding and most rooms or spaces need a central focus point around which to build the design. A hired dance floor provides the perfect central spot that you can use as a way to create space at your wedding reception. It will ensure that the space feels less cramped and provide some aesthetic structure that will help guests to feel at home.

Comfort and safety

Dance floors are constructed for one thing: dancing. So you know that when you rent a hired dance floor you’re going to have a safe surface on which to cut loose. That’s especially important if your venue has an uneven floor that could result in sprained ankles, bruises and breaks if people stumble and fall. It’s also important to remember that people often take their shoes off at weddings, especially when they go on all day. With a hired dance floor you’ll have a comfortable surface that is also easy to clean if there are spills or breakages.

A way to customise your event

Everyone wants their wedding to be distinctive and memorable – and there are lots of different ways to achieve this. One is with a customised dance floor that has something extra special to bring to your wedding reception. You might opt for a wood effect dance floor to create a natural or classy feel. Hired dance floors come in a wide range of different colours and textures so it’s easy to find one to suit your aesthetics or theme.

Space for socialising

Wedding venues can often be restricted in that the chatting takes place at tables. Other than the people sitting at the same table there can be limited opportunities to socialise. If you hire a dance floor for your wedding then you’re providing a space in which there is plenty of room for people to linger and chat to those they come across. So, you’ll get more social mixing and people will have more fun.

Encouraging people to get up and dance

Weddings are meant to be fun. From the first dance of the bride and groom to the late night partying to old favourites, a dance floor is an essential way to create space for fun and making memories. Everyone loves dancing at a wedding so it’s essential your guests have the floor on which to do it.

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