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This time of year is a busy one in the events calendar. From seasonal parties and end of year functions through to charity balls and family gatherings, winter can be hectic. It’s also a season that presents its own unique set of challenges for events that take place at this time.

Pick the right location

A field in the middle of the countryside could be ideal for summer but can make winter events chaotic. When choosing your location you’ll need to consider a range of factors, including what impact the weather could have on access and how easy it will be to transport furniture and equipment. If in doubt, pick a location that has weatherproofing built in to both the facilities and the site access.

Make sure you have enough light

Shorter days and darker nights can make people feel sleepy and create lots of dark corners in venues. The lighting you choose for a winter event will need to take into account the atmosphere that you’re trying to create, as well as the practical requirements of accessing the venue. You may also want to ensure that the light isn’t so soft that your guests end up feeling like they might need to have a snooze.

Heat will be crucial too

Even in a venue with a built in heating system it will still be crucial to think about how to provide enough heat to keep everyone warm – but not too hot – throughout the event. A heating system with a thermostat is ideal as you can set this to the perfect temperature and then adjust it, up or down, as required. However, if your chosen venue doesn’t have this you may have to find another way to ensure no one gets cold – if you’re using portable heaters, for example, position these so that the room temperature will be constant and consistent for everyone, no matter where they are sitting.

Outside space

Even during the winter months you may still want to have an outside space as part of your event area. If you decide to do this, consider whether outdoor heaters would provide an extra dimension, as well as chairs and tables and even rugs and blankets. Make sure you opt for heaters that can cope with outside surfaces, such as gravel, and won’t overbalance or fall.

Catering is crucial

No one really wants to eat cold food on a freezing cold day or night – but, no matter what the time of year, everyone wants their wine or beer to be chilled. So, make sure that you have enough ice and fridges for your beverages and consider the type of menu that you want to serve. Hot dishes, soups and warm puddings are ideal and if you hire the right catering equipment then they can be simple to prepare and serve. Make sure you can also provide hot teas and coffees, even hot chocolate, throughout the event too.

These are just some of the components to consider for a winter event this year. If you need help with event furniture hire contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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