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When planning a corporate event, you are no doubt set to try to impress your guests, whether these are your top level bosses, important customers and contacts, or prospects. Event planning is not always easy, and there are many things to consider for a successful event, so let’s take a look at some ways that you can make sure your next corporate event is memorable.

#1 – Create a social buzz

Interactivity is key to ensuring that the buzz of your event continues following the actual day, and one great way to encourage this is through photo booths or encouraging photo competitions or tagging of event photos with a personalised hashtag. This gives attendees something fun to get involved in, and gives the photos that they share on social media another purpose – ongoing marketing! Not only will it create an online memory of the event, but it acts as a platform for future promotion and showcasing.

#2 – Food and drink

If there’s one thing that will make your event really memorable, it’s the food and drink that you serve. Blow your guests away with a sophisticated sit-down meal, or create a party atmosphere with delicious canapes and nibbles – but whatever you serve, remember that how it is served will create a lasting impression on your guests. Most companies won’t have access to high quality catering equipment, and even catering companies will often use standard plates, cutlery and more. Hiring catering equipment, including crockery, will give a much stronger impression, and allow you to continue your event theme even within the dining experience!

#3 – World class entertainment

I’m sure many of us have been to events where the entertainment has fallen a bit flat. There’s nothing worse than disappointing your attendees, so it’s important to find entertainment to impress, whether that’s the best magician, musician, performer or comedian – and it’s worth finding an act that specialises in corporate events to guarantee they’re ready to entertain your audience. This also works well to keep your guests entertained between any food or other activities throughout the event, and your guests are bound to be talking about it after the day!

#4 – Interactive activities

Besides the classic dancing, there are a whole range of other activities that you can offer your guests as an interactive part of your event. From a casino setup, through to competitions to enter during the evening, tailor your activities to fit the theme of your event and guests will be sure to get involved. It’s worth bearing in mind that renting equipment is often much cheaper than DIY, and will offer a much more professional and memorable experience.

#5 – Event décor and furniture

At the heart of any memorable event is stunning event décor and furniture, all of which you can tailor to build the overall feel of the event. From the chairs you choose to the dancefloor you have, all of these things are set to impress your guests. Overlooking these basics can be the difference between a good event and a memorable one, which is why attention to detail is what will give your event a refined feel that will make it stand out.

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