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If there’s one way to make a birthday event unique, it’s by having a theme. Incorporating a theme into your celebrations gives guests the chance to dress up and gives your moment a real sense of occasion. From the food to the décor and the dress code a good theme will provide a wealth of inspiration.

Birthday party themes

The Spa Party

If you’re considering a relatively small and select group of guests for your birthday this year, the spa party is ideal. You don’t need to book an expensive retreat but instead set up your own spa treatments at home. DIY face masks, a manicurist or masseuse as well as a range of spa inspired wellness style food and drink is ideal.

The Speakeasy

If glamour is your thing then you can’t go wrong with a Speakeasy style theme for your birthday. Channel the magic of the 1920s with extravagant cocktails, a band and asking all your guests to wear opulent outfits, black tie or head to toe gold. Remember that the Speakeasy was traditionally hidden and hard to find, so give your guests the thrill of a challenge on arrival with a password or code that grants entry.

Food trends

If you and your friends are serious foodies, what better way to celebrate your birthday this year than by tapping into the latest culinary trends. You might want to throw a vegan feast, for example, or go for a menu of farm to plate. If you’ve got the resources, why not have your own mini street food festival and bring in a range of a food vendors for your friends to try. Alternatively, you could create a pop up dining experience or source everything for your menu from local providers.

A Masquerade Ball

There are few themes more decadent and grand than the Masquerade Ball. This is something that can be done on many levels, from simply asking guests to wear a mask to insisting on ball gowns and white tie. A Masquerade Ball is not only an exciting way to celebrate a birthday but can be memorable too – ideal if you want your birthday to be the event of the year.

A Craft Party

If you and your friends are avid crafters or collectors of craft ideas on Pinterest, a party where everyone makes something to take home is ideal. This is an especially effective theme for a party where not all of the guests know each other. It’s much easier to bond with strangers over a shared activity, whether that’s customising clothes or creating friendship bands.

The Pop Culture Party

If there’s one TV show, celebrity or event that you and your friends obsess about, make it the focal point for your party theme this year. From Love Island or Strictly Come Dancing to Ariana Grande or the Kardashian clan, pop culture can provide plenty of inspiration for the ideal theme.

Event furniture and catering equipment will be essential to delivering your theme of choice. We can help ensure you have everything you need for the perfect party this year – contact us to find out more.

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