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Wedding chairs have a dual function to perform – not only do they have to look the part, aesthetically speaking, but they also need to be supportive and comfortable for your guests throughout the day. Just like every other detail for your big day, it’s important to make sure you find the right chairs to suit your theme and the needs of the guests. So, how do you do it?

What kind of function does the chair need to fulfil?

Ok, so most chairs are for sitting on but on a wedding day they might need to be more versatile than that. For example, if you’re planning on converting a dining area into a dance floor after dinner then you’ll need chairs that are easy to clear away and store. Folding chairs are often the ideal choice in these circumstances – not only can you easily remove them and stack them at the side of a room but they’re also lightweight and simple to move around so guests can sit elsewhere if they choose to.

Chairs and your aesthetic

The wrong chair can stick out like a sore thumb at an event, especially if you’ve got lots of them. So, when you’re trying to find the perfect chair for your big day make sure you take into account the look that you want to create. If you’ve gone for something very formal then a banqueting chair is the most obvious choice to support the general aesthetic. Most banqueting chairs come in various different colours, from gold and silver through to natural woods, such as mahogany and beech.

Choose chairs that fit with the theme

Your wedding may have a complex and personal theme or it could be something simple such as summer, your favourite colour or shabby chic. Whatever the theme you’ve chosen, finding chairs to suit it will be essential. For example, shabby chic or vintage style weddings are great with elegant white Camelot chairs. These not only have a super comfy cushion but are also very simple to accessorise, for example by adding a corsage of flowers to the back or tying with bows.

Creating some drama

The chairs that you choose are also a great way to add interest and drama to your wedding style. Draped chairs are a classic example of this as they tend to look grander and much more formal than a chair where the structure is exposed. You can choose fabric from a wide range of different textures and colours to help create the effect that you’re looking for in terms of style.

Opting for an all rounder

If you’re not sure what kind of chair is going to work for your wedding then an all rounder is often a safe choice. The Chiavari chair is a very popular versatile option that combines comfort and style and comes in a range of colours that will accommodate most aesthetics.

Finding the perfect chair for your big day is simple, as there are plenty to choose from. If you’d like to see the options available we can help – get in touch to find out more.

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