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Beautifully laid wedding breakfast tablePelham House. Photo courtesy of Imogen Eve Photography.

Once you’ve secured a location and created a structure for your event that’s when the creative work really begins. The way you furnish and decorate the space will have a big impact on atmosphere, as well as other factors such as whether attendees talk about the event on social media. Whether you’re looking to generate a buzz online, or just to create a memorable vibe, these are the key elements to consider.

How will your guests experience the space?

Before you start planning the decorating, take a walk around the space so you can see it as your guests will experience it. Use this as the starting point for planning. Which areas need to be filled and which should stay empty, how do you want people to feel as they move around the location.

Adding furniture and fittings

The way you furnish the space will have a big impact on what it feels like to be in. Statement pieces of furniture or art can be used to add drama and you can create atmosphere with the fittings and furniture that you draw attention to. For example, using curved or angled pieces will create more dynamic lines, adding interest and movement. Playing with proportion is another way to create new perspectives and make your guests feel like they are being transported into a different environment.

Check out Emily and Ben’s beautiful wedding at Balcombe Place, where they arranged the trestle tables in a Chevron shape all pointing towards the top table.

Wedding tables arranged in a chevron shapeBalcombe Place. Photo courtesy of Jacob Malinski.

Lighting is key

There are many different ways to use lighting when decorating including:

  • Drawing attention to particular space or focal point – e.g. use uplighters to highlight architectural features
  • Creating atmosphere – e.g. experimenting with coloured lights or lights with patterned stencils (gobos)
  • Making a statement – e.g. using LED lit furniture, neon signs or an LED bar

We love this neon sign from Farnham Sound and Light at the front of the ceremony room at Brighton Harbour Hotel.

Brighton Harbour Hotel. Photo courtesy of Sarah Wenban Photography.

It’s essential to define your colour palette

The impact of colour can feel subtle but is very significant. So, it’s key to define a colour palette in advance and then build event decorating around it. That doesn’t mean sticking to the same colour throughout but finding different versions of one shade, or a set of two or three complimentary colours, and then working exclusively with these. Colour can be applied to everything, from event furniture to menus. It can also be used in different ways, for example greens and blues are renowned for helping sharpen focus while hot pink and red are associated with creativity.

Alternatively, if you do want to go for lots of colours, try to choose colours from a similar palette, for example all jewel jones or all pastels, like this spring pastel wedding at Brighton Harbour Hotel which featured different coloured napkins for each place setting and a beautiful balloon display from Airmagination Balloons.

Spring Pastel Wedding RoomBrighton Harbour Hotel. Photo courtesy of Sarah Wenban Photography.

Use patterns sparingly

If you have a generic space, adding patterns via decoration is a good way to enhance the impact for your guests. In decorating terms patterns should always be used sparingly or they can make a room feel chaotic and overcrowded. In the right hands, pattern can be dramatic, from stripes and florals to designs that incorporate a brand logo.

Add a touch of green

Flowers and plants not only improve aesthetics but have also been found to help sharpen focus and boost the mood. Consider where you can add some natural enhancement to your space, from hanging plants to table arrangements.

Depp Blue Wedding Place SettingDower House. Photo courtesy of Hayley Rose Photography.

Careful decoration can really bring an event together. From the colours and patterns to the addition of plants, it’s a clever way to make your event even more memorable.

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With thanks to these wonderful suppliers who are featured in the photos of this blog:

Pelham House:
Planner Concept & Stylist: KB Events
Florist: Chirpee Flowers
Chair Dressing and Decor: Hire Your Day
Stationery: White Orchid Design and Print

Balcombe Place:
Florist: Tigers to Lilies
Table Candles: Surrey Wedding Company

Brighton Harbour Hotel:
Florist: Tony Dunn Flowers
Wedding Stationery: The Wedding Print Shop

Dower House:
Florist: Tigers to Lilies
Styling: The Toast

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