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No matter what kind of an event you’re organising, the furniture that you hire will have an impact on the impression you create and on the comfort of your guests. From bar hire to tables and chairs, there is a wide range of event furniture that you might want to consider, depending on whether you’re planning a wedding, a party or corporate socialising. When you’re looking at the furniture that you need to hire for event, asking these key questions can help when it comes to making decisions.

What type of event are you organising?

The furniture needs for a wedding will be very different to a small family celebration or a mini festival. Define the type of event and then look at whether you’re going to have a theme, whether there are any specific design aesthetics for the event and how the furniture will have a role in creating the ambiance and atmosphere of the event. Are you going for minimal and cool, rustic and comfy or luxurious and glamorous?

Where is the event going to be?

Your event could be taking place in a range of locations, from a ballroom to a field. Each location will have its own set of challenges that you’ll need to factor into the furniture choices that you make. Is the event going to take place in a space that has been specifically designed for hospitality or are you starting from scratch with a totally blank canvas? Is the location going to be exposed to the elements? Does your furniture hire need to include only the extras or the basics too, such as refrigeration units and even a dance floor?

When are you planning the event?

A daytime event will have different needs to something planned for the evening and you’ll also need to take into account the impact of the seasons too. For example, if you’re planning an evening corporate wine tasting outside then you may need to ensure that you have lights, as well as tables and chairs. In the summer, outdoor furniture can help you to double the size of a space you have access to but it’s unlikely that you’ll need this during the winter months.

Who is attending?

The number of guests will be a crucial factor in furniture hire calculations, from the volume of furniture that you need to the type of tables, chairs etc that you opt for. You may need to consider more durable and practical options if you’re hosting a children’s event, for example, while a sophisticated dinner may require an investment in some crystal or furniture with a luxurious finish.

Why are you hiring furniture?

The final question is all about your motivation for the event and will help with the furniture hire choices. Perhaps you’re hiring furniture for a Christmas event that you want to feel really seasonal – in which case you could choose lots of green and red. Maybe the furniture hire is to make your event feel like a real celebration, in which case bright colours and cheerful motifs will be ideal.

We can help you to make the right choices when it comes to hiring event furniture – contact our team to find out more.

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