8oz Reusable Hot Cup with Lid

With its quality design and ribbed finish, there is no need to compromise on quality with our new polypropylene reusable hot cup.

Perfect for all types of hot drinks!

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With its quality design and stackable storage, our reusable hot cup is durable, robust, and hardwearing. This 12oz cup measures just over 4” including the lid.

The ribbed body of the cup not only distributes heat but doubles as a firm, yet comfortable grip. Made from quality polypropylene plastic, these tumblers are food-safe and comply with health and safety regulations. Perfect for any kind of hot drink. A better alternative to disposable cups.

Partnering with Blue Planet Washing Solutions, we are rolling out our new plastic glassware range as part of our new sustainability, and environmentally friendly practices. These reusable glasses come ready to use, are washed in-house by Blue Planet WS, and have a long wash life.

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